Telephone Personalisation……what’s keeping your customers waiting?

We’ve all been there haven’t we? you make a call, get put on hold only to find out 20 minutes later that you’ve been cut off! GRRRR! ¬†Thankfully this is generally a thing of the past with most companies opting for on-hold music or beeps, at least you know you’re still connected ūüôā¬†but why not make the most of a captive audience by offering information about the services/products you provide? Granted, it can be¬†a fine line, you don’t want to bore the pants off of¬†prospective, or for that matter existing, customers! The aim¬†should be¬†to¬†inform and entertain, leaving your¬†customer understanding more about you and¬†less likely to hang up! Research has shown that on-hold marketing increases sales and raises customer awareness whilst keeping your caller happy, safe in the knowledge that they haven’t been forgotten or lost in the deep recesses of the system…..

On-hold music although still popular is a tricky one to get right….you’re not going to appeal to everyone’s taste and let’s face it, it can sometimes be a bit naff, having Greensleeves playing over and over in your head long after the call has terminated does not make for a happy person (or is that just me..??!) A¬†bit of ABBA never fails to cheer me up quite frankly, however,¬†I do appreciate this won’t be to everyone’s taste…..!

Another personalisation feature available is auto-attendant, which allows callers to be transferred automatically without the intervention of a¬†receptionist/operator. This is usually a simple menu system (1 for sales, 2 for customer service…you get the idea!) with the option to speak to ‘live’ operator (often by dialling 0) …if you so wish ūüôā

…and what about mobile twinning…?¬†This allows you to use your mobile the same way you would use your office desk phone, perfect for today’s business needs where you are required to be in 2 places at once ūüôā

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your phone system why not give our friendly team a call (we do not have dodgy on-hold music, in case you’re interested!) we are always happy to help….