Health and Safety: How Messy is your Floor Box?

What would prompt any business to decide that a health check or even a simple desk tidy is a good idea?

Just a quick glance around your office may identify tangled wires and cables.  Are your floor boxes looking more like rubbish bins?

With a recent spate of enquires leading us to complete a number of under desk cable management projects for new clients we have been amazed at the contents of the average floor box.  The obvious fire hazards alone have made us shake our heads in amazement, aside from the damage caused to plugs, jacks and cables by stray objects.

But what are the wider implications of neglecting your workstations?  What are the health and safety issues that prompt ACCL to be called in to resolve such issues?

We have identified some areas of concern from the projects that we have recently been involved in but is there any other legislation under health and safety that could be posing potential problems?

Network Health Check….helping you avoid unnecessary downtime

Following the launch of ACCL’s new Network Health Check service we were asked to attend a site in London to resolve some ongoing network issues.

On arrival we were escorted to the Comm’s Room where the client explained he was having intermittent faults on his network…annoying things such as losing connectivity and crackly phone lines…

We initially carried out a visual inspection, which hi-lighted the problem instantly, see evidence below….!

We explained that the way in which the patch panel had been terminated did not conform to UK or European standards….not a good start 🙂

We also discovered that the cable which had been used was CCA grade cable (copper clad aluminium) which is also non-compliant with either UK or European standards. It can appear under the guise of Cat 5e, but is inferior to solid copper for a number of reasons. The obvious question to the client was who carried out the installation and whether any test certificates existed….

The client informed us that the install was carried out on his behalf by the main contractor who, in turn, asked his non-English speaking European electrician to install it…a challenge in itself as there were some communication issues (lots of gesticulation and arm waving!)

We carried out some tests, using Fluke testers to analyse the links aannnddd…..surprise, surprise, they failed! On a positive note these issues are generally easy and inexpensive to remedy.

The client then asked how the issues could be resolved and we have sent a proposal back which they have accepted, works are to commence shortly and we will update you once it has been successfully completed!

The moral of the story is that you should always bring in the correct team with the relevent expertise and experience when installing or updating your network to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment but fear not! our health check can easily identify and remedy any issues you may have with regards to your network, why not give us a call today?

Network Cabling…..Prevention really is better than costly cure……

Whatever aspect of life you look at, it’s a well known fact that prevention is better than cure. The danger is always that we sit back and do nothing, why fix it if it ain’t broke?! Invariably something goes wrong and murphys law says its going to happen at the wrong time, when we least need it!  This means that everything then becomes a rush and mistakes can be made, quick fixes can be put in place which can end up costing more money and a whole lot of inconvenience!

Preventative maintenance is proven to save you money – a simple network health check can help you avoid problems and costly repairs to your network before the need arises by identifying any potential problems using the latest diagnostic equipment. In business, systems rarely stay the same, continuously being altered or expanded, over time this can gradually decrease the performance of your networks. Our Company will fit in around you, scheduling a time that is convenient for you and your business, with little or no downtime to the network infrastructure

Opt for our FREE 120 minute health check and we will provide you with a comprehensive visual health check which will tell you whether your network is running as it should be.

Our recent cable tidy at Southampton Football Club was captured in video by Data-Cabling-Expert-TV and shows how much work can be created if your network cabling is neglected. Check out the “quick” version of our weekend in Southampton and let us know if you would like help with your cables before they become a real cause of concern, costing you time and money which with a little bit of maintenance could be well avoided.