Sailing with Mr Rhino – teambuilding ACCL style!

Last Friday saw the boys off on a jolly, time for a bit of overdue male bonding, a chance for boys to be boys and let that manliness run rampage! Chris had organised a day’s sailing out on the Solent, on a boat aptly named Mr Rhino – an image forms of power, muscle and testosterone, using your imagination our boys can be described as being a bit like the rhino.. minus the horn! I believe the boys were probably thinking they were having a day out in a Strip Club, but Spearmint Rhino it wasn’t, just a bunch of men wrapped up in waterproofs as a barrier against the changeable English climate! Unfortunately they didn’t get to do much ‘sailing’ more ‘drifting’ as the Solent resembled a mill pond…. no wind, allegedly, although I find this hard to believe knowing the amount of hot air that regularly escapes this lot! It took 2 1/2 hours to get to the Isle of Wight, even the seagulls were faster! Shame, as I was imagining Simon le Bon, hair teased by the wind, gliding through the water at a rate of knots! However, we can safely say it was not exactly a Duran Duran ‘Rio’ moment!

Chris is an experienced sailor, out on the water at every available opportunity. Keith is a frequent cruiser, so he was completely unfazed by the whole boating experience, Steve is up for anything, and after sea fishing on our trip to Grenada last year was not worried about the Solent. Wayne ‘land lubber’ Connors however,originally thought he’d left his sealegs back at Hamble, he was fine for the first couple of hours but started to feel a tad unwell after dinner…an allergy to shellfish, finally revealing itself in all its glory! He had the DT’s and hives all over his skin…the boss is gutted, as am I, he will never be able to look into the eyes of a prawn the same way again, and I, for my part would have had some serious mileage pulling his leg on the fact he’s a girlpants on the water!

oops! wrong one

That’s it! Our Steve


The boys came back to the office full of it! They’d had a great day, and Chris is looking to organise a further trip, this time up the Thames….I think the girls should be invited on this one, however I’m not into the whole waterproofs look, I would rather have the opportunity to dress up and quaff champagne, leaving the sailing to a dishy captain…!

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