Couch to 5k – Still smashing it!

Now a couple of weeks in and, I’m pleased (actually totally amazed) to report we are all still pretty much on track! I know, get us!

For the most part I have been pretty good, running round the woods with me mucker Sal a couple of times a week, of course I use the word running in the loosest sense! run a bit, near collapse, walk a bit! not quite Steve Ovett and Seb Coe but, watch this space, Rio 2016 is beckoning. On the days I don’t run I walk briskly for at least  40 minutes and I do this at least twice a week, sometimes everyday *smug smile*  I have invested in a pair of Tone Up trainers, on the recommendation of said friend Sally. I like them. Mostly. They tone up muscles I never knew existed, the pain in my backside has been excrutiating at times, but it has to be for the greater good, it will be toned and sassy, J Lo butt here I come!

Peachy 🙂

Another downside to this exercise lark is the increased need to use the toilet, for number two’s – I don’t wish to sound gross but for a while I was scared to don the lycra and step outside ’cause within 10 mins I was having to speed up at bit for fear of releasing more than endorphins! This is normal apparently and thankfully this aspect settled quite quickly! I have been watching what I put into my mouth too, although I refuse point blank to diet, not a single onion ring has passed these lips… reward is a 3lb loss in 2 weeks, not mindblowing granted, but 2lb more than I lost in the whole 6 months of the ACCL Team Diet, so, believe me I’m chuffed to bits!!

So Sally my twice weekly running/walking partner has been venturing into the woods more or less every day, top bird! She has to take the dog out anyway so gets her exercise kit on and off she trots, I’m sure she runs most of the course when I’m not there holding her back, she’s good, I’ve seen her! She runs whilst carrying a bag of sausages, she assures me these are for the dog, but she disappears from sight occasionally so one can never be entirely sure! Sally has not drunk a single glass of wine in the last 2 weeks, which is incredible, I’m not joking! She runs funny but that I put down to the shaking from the DT’s!! She is feeling fitter, and so she should, however she is slightly concerned about the size of her calf muscles, which she feels are looking a bit like Popeye’s!

Not convinced it’s the girls getting the exercise…!

Dee is still following the plan to the letter and is out 3 days week (no more!) gradually increasing the amount of running she does, she even comments on the forums, go Dee! Another one that goes out with the dogs, in Dee’s case she has 2 German Pointers, I’m not convinced that she is doing all the work here, those dogs can move and who’s out with her to check she isn’t wearing roller skates? I’ve read plenty of Miss Marple in my time to be suspicious of everything! On the downside though she has increased the amount she has been shoving into her gob, exercise makes you hungry she says and she can justify the non-weight loss with the old saying ‘muscle weighs more than fat’ However, she is beginning to realise that in order to lose a bit of weight she’ll have to start cutting back on what she’s eating and avoid the doughnuts!

Steve, what can I say? he is still torturing himself by talking CONSTANTLY about food –

Nothing wrong with the occasional bacon sarnie…

 bacon sandwiches, Nando’s, chinese…you name it he’s talking about it! He feels deprived, so we have decided that if we are good all week we can afford ourselves a treat, so we have treat Friday, I support him in this as only a true friend can, it’s not a treat if you partake on your own is it? It keeps us focussed, like a reward for good behaviour and it works, his mood on a Friday is a joy to behold!  He bought himself a rowing machine this week, that’s how serious he is, he was getting bored of the running machine, and more to the point his knees were giving out, poor old codger. He has lost a couple of pounds too so fair play to him.

Can we REALLY keep this up?!

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