Installing Laser Links above the roof tops of Central London

One of our clients, having outgrown their current office space, is moving a department into a new office location around 800 metres away from their main site….across boroughs in fact, from Camden to Islington 🙂 After having contacted their service provider to obtain a lease line they were told that due to a back log the lead time for the installation they required was around six months…not good enough if you’re trying to run a business! We provided the solution in the form of free space optics, or laser links as they are otherwise known, the latest technology in the world of wireless communication –  where the signal is transmitted through air (free space….hence the name 🙂 ) 

The concept of free space optic is similar to fibre optic in that it uses a light source to transmit data instead of cable….We carried out an initial survey to see if this was a viable solution, which included checking with the local authorities to ensure no planning permissions had been granted for a skyscraper inbetween the 2 buildings…. which may have caused problems to the signal, no planning permissions were pending and so all systems go….. 🙂

The benefits of this system, in addition to it being wireless, are that it doesn’t take long to install, less than a day! It’s also cost effective…just a one off payment, unlike leased lines where in addition to an installation cost, you are usually tied into a contract with a monthly charge….  

We installed a 1 Gigabyte free space laser optic point to point link between the buildings.

arrow highlights where the laser is being transmitted….

This has enabled the client to move the department into the new offices without having to wait for the lease line to be installed…. another satisfied customer 🙂

For more information on Free Space Optics, check out our website or give us a call, one of our experienced team will be more than happy to help!

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