ACCL Smashing Couch to 5k…….

Following the *ahem* success of the ACCL team diet, we are regrouping and gearing up for the latest fad grabbing the country by storm – Couch to 5k……the idea is to turn you from couch potato to Zola Budd, they *promise* to get you regularly running 3 miles in the space of just 2 months! Achievable? If I’m honest I have my doubts, but we shall see….. 🙂

The boss is giving this one a wide berth, having been the stand alone hero of the team diet I am only too pleased to hear it, one thing Wayne does have is willpower so he’d blow us all out of the water and if I’m totally honest I couldn’t bare any more of his smugness…! He is instead sticking to being careful about what he shovels into his gob… Personally, I think it has more to do with his fear of lycra 🙂

So the team consists of me. Obvs. Sally and Dee, also obvs 🙂 and the Lawrence…a very welcome, if not reluctant addition to the team!

In my youth, not so many years ago (don’t laugh!) I was a good middle distance runner, being told to try out for the county. I was however more interested in beer and boys at the time so it never happened…. Now as a grown up (debateable??!) I am ready to take on the challenge 🙂 This HAS to work, for those of you who followed my Clash of the 2 Tonnes blog will know, having started the diet at the beginning of the year with high hopes I failed at it. Miserably. Onion rings and red wine are my life and I just couldn’t manage without them.  I have gained another 1/2 stone since, which is a disaster…!  according to my mum it all goes downhill from the age of 40 anyway so I should just accept my fate! but I’m not ready to throw in the towel, just yet 🙂

Sally will be my jogging/walking partner a couple of times a week (her house backs woods, and we thought it only right that our attempts at getting fit should be viewed by as few people as possible, at least until we can jog without looking like someone in the throes of an asthma attack..) Sally’s diet journey was about as successful as mine, yep, that good 🙂 and she is determined to get out of the ‘fat’ wardrobe once and for all…!

Dee is following the plan to the letter (I bet she was teachers pet at school!) 20-30 minute sessions, 3 times a week, gradually increasing the amount of running she does (she has even downloaded the iPhone App, so she has someone talking in her ear, personally I get enough of that at home from my kids, so it’s not for me :-). Lethargy following ill health has been her catalyst for her getting fit, and age…..did I mention we are all women in the prime of life (ie our 40’s 🙂 )??!

Steve Lawrence, the man who laughed when we talked about the team diet is now finding that age is finally creeping up on him and with it comes extra poundage in the form of a spare tyre, ha! there is a God 🙂 Again, not wanting to scare the general public with his attempts at exercise, he is using his parents’ treadmill…. Personally, I think it’s just an excuse for him to go home and get his mum’s cooking 🙂 He is determined to lose weight though and as someone who avoided the diet at the start of the year I have no idea of his resolve…. he’s also watching what he’s eating (whilst CONSTANTLY talking about Nando’s – unnecessarily torturing himself I might add) One thing I will say here though is that it’s making him grumpy 🙂 well, more grumpy than normal if that’s possible… 🙂 He is telling us that he is jogging for 30 minutes, however, we have no way of proving this……video footage may be required and trust me I will upload it on here if we manage to acquire any 🙂

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