Essex lion? You sure that’s what you should be worried about…?!

Forget rampaging lions…..recession hit Britain has an even bigger problem in it’s midst. The current economic climate has seen life for the rat dramatically improve, gangs of ‘ASBO’ rats are known to be terrorising neighbourhoods, rummaging through uncollected rubbish, munching their way through the food we leave out for the wildlife we actively like to encourage into our suburban gardens….unfinished buildings and closed down shops in our towns just some of the places where they have been setting up home and with budget strapped councils having less money available to kill them, life for the rat is sweet 🙂

What is it about the little blighters that they feel the need to gnaw through EVERYTHING??! I’d sooner get my teeth stuck into a decent bar of chocolate, but hey, maybe that’s just me…! A significant problem is the increase in cable damage as the rat and squirrel population has gone into overdrive.

As we expand and improve our infrastructure to keep up with the latest technology, there is a lot more cable around for them to sink their teeth into, potentially causing damage to your business through loss of communication…..but fear not! help is at hand 🙂 if you’re concerned about the condition of your cabling, not necessarily just because you think rodents have been having a good old munch….call in the professionals, we can’t kill your rats but can assist with all areas of cabling 🙂