Customer Call Buttons make a Fitting Customer Service !

It’s not very often that I get the opportunity to venture outside of the offices of ACCL, so I struggled to contain my excitement as Sally and I were allowed out for a ‘jolly’ to Stratford’s Westfield Shopping Centre for a training session on the latest retail advancement.

Call Button Technology, the most exciting thing to happen in retail since the invention of, well, shops! I’ve already blogged about my negative changing room experiences of times past but things are changing and this is where the future gets totes exciting!

Alert Technologies, a well established customer service company in the States were looking to bring their Call Button Technology product to Europe and found the perfect UK partner to promote and install it, yep, us!  Tried and tested in the US, it is now (finally) over here!

Taking Customer Service to a whole new level and giving control back to the customer, music to my ears!  The system works by you, the customer, pressing a call button from inside the fitting room, this alerts an assistant via a radio attached to an ear piece that you require help, the benefits here being that you do not need to open the door and indecently expose yourself.

Nor do you have to experience that annoying knock on the door or tug on the curtain when the eager assistant asks if you need help before you’ve even had chance to take your coat off!  No more do you have to wriggle in and out of clothes in a damp frenzied panic when you need an alternative size or fit, simply press the button and summon your own personal shopper.  Sold on the concept yet?

What was great about attending the training, apart from seeing the product in action, was seeing the buzz amongst the staff who were getting ready to use the system, the excitement at being able to give great customer service was tangible.  This system helps optimize a sales assistant’s job satisfaction by making them more flexible in their service to customers.  From their point of view they want to assist customers and don’t really want to be a nuisance so by being available to the customer when they call makes perfect sense.

We all know that customer loyalty comes with great customer service.  No need to be a rocket scientist to work that out! Retailers of the world need to take note, with most buying decisions being made in the fitting room, it pays to get this area right, we are entering a shopping revolution.  The customers are fighting back, taking control and demanding a better service.  Don’t let them get it from the internet!  Install call buttons in your fitting rooms and provide them with a service that the internet just can’t provide!


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