Changing Room Experience – turning the negative into a positive…

Changing Rooms have come a long way since I was a teenager back in the 80’s, thank God! Who remembers those large communal rooms, where you would have to just walk into a large open, often poorly lit space, find a hook to hang your prospective purchases on without looking up for fear of catching someone’s eye, or worse still catch yourself staring unwittingly at the breasts of the woman opposite who, it would appear was more than happy to strip off unashamedly, and, lets be honest, she was always there, no matter what time of the day or week you went….! (weird store detective maybe??!)  and why did those rooms always smell of feet…?

Or who remembers those individual cubicles, you know the ones without enough room to swing a cat that ALWAYS had an ill-fitting curtain? It was either hanging procariously from the rail or it wasn’t wide enough to cover the gap! You had to try (desperately) to position yourself in such a way that you would retain your dignity and lets be honest here, it wasn’t easy if you needed to bend over was it? *shudder*!! I remember thinking how I’d like to be Mr Benn, just walk into the shopkeepers changing room, take off my hat and “as if by magic” 🙂  change into whatever I’d taken in with me! Plus they never had mirrors in them, you’d have to come out of your ‘room’ to take a look at yourself in the mirror positioned at the end of the aisle, jostling with other potential purchasers to get a quick look…..not happy memories!

Thankfully these nightmare changing rooms are generally a thing of the past and with retailers realising that 70% of people who enter into a changing room are going to buy something, it makes sense to ensure that the experience is a happy one. Internet shopping has it’s place but there is still nothing better than a relaxed browse around the shops with a mate (note I don’t mention husband/partner – this is deliberate :-)!!)

Exciting things are happening in the world of retail and ACCL are at the forefront – watch this space…..!!


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