So, what’s killing you??

A recent report by the BBC suggests that inactivity is killing as many people as smoking, apparently around a third of all adults are not getting enough physical exercise….This is not really what we want to hear to be honest, we all know that a lack of exercise isn’t good for us, but as bad as smoking??! Give us a break 🙂 !! Once again the guilt descends…. I’m not a smoker, I am however an occasional drinker – any occasion will do 🙂 but I must  confess that my sofa at home has a nice ‘Faye’s bum’ shaped dip in it, yes, sorry to say that at the moment I am suffering from an acute case of ‘lazycowitus’, it happens… I blame the weather (currently). And the government 🙂 The Summer this year has been nothing short of  laughable, no-one in their right mind wants to go outside the door when it’s chucking it down, least of all to exercise, and  in the current economic climate people are working longer hours in the office, the result being we are getting home late and are generally knackered…! the last thing you need to be thinking about is doing some star jumps or pulling on the leg warmers and watching Jane Fonda DVD’s…..don’t know about you but I’d sooner be grabbing some crisps and a glass of wine and catching up on the latest episodes of House 🙂

So, how will this impact on us slobs? a ‘sofa tax’ possibly? 🙂 We are, as adults, aware of the risks of not doing exercise, (to be honest, I only need to look in the mirror to see my inactivity ain’t doing me any good!!!) ……so, what stops us reaching for the trainers? is it just that we see the risks but enjoy cake more 🙂 ?? we really don’t need to be continually reminded of the perils…..Blimey, you only live once! I say smoke, drink, be a slob – your choice 🙂 but, as with everything, moderation is key 🙂


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