Your very own home from home Cinema….

So, come on then, hands up, how many of you would like a home cinema? Not given it much thought? Maybe you think it’s out of your budget, something for the wealthy amongst us to enjoy, or perhaps it’s a space issue, where would you put it??! Well, would it surprise you if I said it’s probably not as expensive as you think and you don’t even have to have a dedicated room, all budgets and room sizes can be catered for….becoming  more appealing yet?? 🙂

Could it even save you money?? 🙂 now there’s a thought!! With the average family ticket for a trip to the cinema costing around £30, excluding the price of the obligatory popcorn, or the petrol and parking to get there……it’s not a cheap treat is it? Think of the hours of fun you could have with your family and friends owning a home cinema…..and so much more relaxing, you have none of the worry of having a ‘big haired’ person sat directly in front of you obscuring your view…you can press pause if you need a toilet break, or to grab another beer out of the fridge 🙂 and what about the annoying rustling of sweet wrappers and people noisily eating popcorn – why is it that people can’t eat quietly in a cinema??! You buying into this yet :-)?? It’s a great way to spend quality time with the important people in your life, passing the popcorn (quietly :-)!) along the sofa 🙂 

Let’s look at where you could put it – obviously you could have it installed in your living room, or a bedroom, but what about that disused space or dumping ground?? You know what I’m talking about  🙂 We all have one don’t we? Perhaps it’s your garage or your loft? Or what about that Summer House in the garden… cool to turn it into your own little ‘film’ sanctuary or a place for the kids when they are getting on top of you!

If this has given you some food for thought, why not give us a call? ACCL provide a full range of Home Cinema solutions……..maybe we have just the one for you :-)??!


2 thoughts on “Your very own home from home Cinema….

  1. That home loft conversion picture looks great! All we have in our loft room at the moment are old toys! I think I might have to have a clear out!

    • Snap! Old toys and lots of Christmas decorations 🙂 I think a home cinema is a much better use of space, with the addition of a wine fridge, I’m thinking 😉

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