Customer Call Buttons make a Fitting Customer Service !

It’s not very often that I get the opportunity to venture outside of the offices of ACCL, so I struggled to contain my excitement as Sally and I were allowed out for a ‘jolly’ to Stratford’s Westfield Shopping Centre for a training session on the latest retail advancement.

Call Button Technology, the most exciting thing to happen in retail since the invention of, well, shops! I’ve already blogged about my negative changing room experiences of times past but things are changing and this is where the future gets totes exciting!

Alert Technologies, a well established customer service company in the States were looking to bring their Call Button Technology product to Europe and found the perfect UK partner to promote and install it, yep, us!  Tried and tested in the US, it is now (finally) over here!

Taking Customer Service to a whole new level and giving control back to the customer, music to my ears!  The system works by you, the customer, pressing a call button from inside the fitting room, this alerts an assistant via a radio attached to an ear piece that you require help, the benefits here being that you do not need to open the door and indecently expose yourself.

Nor do you have to experience that annoying knock on the door or tug on the curtain when the eager assistant asks if you need help before you’ve even had chance to take your coat off!  No more do you have to wriggle in and out of clothes in a damp frenzied panic when you need an alternative size or fit, simply press the button and summon your own personal shopper.  Sold on the concept yet?

What was great about attending the training, apart from seeing the product in action, was seeing the buzz amongst the staff who were getting ready to use the system, the excitement at being able to give great customer service was tangible.  This system helps optimize a sales assistant’s job satisfaction by making them more flexible in their service to customers.  From their point of view they want to assist customers and don’t really want to be a nuisance so by being available to the customer when they call makes perfect sense.

We all know that customer loyalty comes with great customer service.  No need to be a rocket scientist to work that out! Retailers of the world need to take note, with most buying decisions being made in the fitting room, it pays to get this area right, we are entering a shopping revolution.  The customers are fighting back, taking control and demanding a better service.  Don’t let them get it from the internet!  Install call buttons in your fitting rooms and provide them with a service that the internet just can’t provide!

Illuminating the Home Cinema experience…..

Ambience has to be a key word when you’re looking at lighting for your home cinema, right? An all singing and dancing system requires subtle, or maybe dramatic, lighting for you to get the most out of your viewing experience….

Lighting brings with it the opportunity to create drama. There are lots of different options available, whether you choose LED lighting, recessed downlights, spotlights or wall lights, our expert design team are on hand to help you decide.

Did you know that a lot of todays lighting solutions can save you money by reducing your energy usage…great for the carbon footprint 🙂

For those of us who weren’t lucky enough to get tickets, imagine watching the Olympics from the comfort of your own home cinema, surrounded by friends and family (and possibly a few bevvies!) soaking up the atmosphere on the large screen.

Why not call FREE on 0333 900 0101 to see how ACCL can help you get the most out of home cinema lighting

Changing Room Experience – turning the negative into a positive…

Changing Rooms have come a long way since I was a teenager back in the 80’s, thank God! Who remembers those large communal rooms, where you would have to just walk into a large open, often poorly lit space, find a hook to hang your prospective purchases on without looking up for fear of catching someone’s eye, or worse still catch yourself staring unwittingly at the breasts of the woman opposite who, it would appear was more than happy to strip off unashamedly, and, lets be honest, she was always there, no matter what time of the day or week you went….! (weird store detective maybe??!)  and why did those rooms always smell of feet…?

Or who remembers those individual cubicles, you know the ones without enough room to swing a cat that ALWAYS had an ill-fitting curtain? It was either hanging procariously from the rail or it wasn’t wide enough to cover the gap! You had to try (desperately) to position yourself in such a way that you would retain your dignity and lets be honest here, it wasn’t easy if you needed to bend over was it? *shudder*!! I remember thinking how I’d like to be Mr Benn, just walk into the shopkeepers changing room, take off my hat and “as if by magic” 🙂  change into whatever I’d taken in with me! Plus they never had mirrors in them, you’d have to come out of your ‘room’ to take a look at yourself in the mirror positioned at the end of the aisle, jostling with other potential purchasers to get a quick look…..not happy memories!

Thankfully these nightmare changing rooms are generally a thing of the past and with retailers realising that 70% of people who enter into a changing room are going to buy something, it makes sense to ensure that the experience is a happy one. Internet shopping has it’s place but there is still nothing better than a relaxed browse around the shops with a mate (note I don’t mention husband/partner – this is deliberate :-)!!)

Exciting things are happening in the world of retail and ACCL are at the forefront – watch this space…..!!

So, what’s killing you??

A recent report by the BBC suggests that inactivity is killing as many people as smoking, apparently around a third of all adults are not getting enough physical exercise….This is not really what we want to hear to be honest, we all know that a lack of exercise isn’t good for us, but as bad as smoking??! Give us a break 🙂 !! Once again the guilt descends…. I’m not a smoker, I am however an occasional drinker – any occasion will do 🙂 but I must  confess that my sofa at home has a nice ‘Faye’s bum’ shaped dip in it, yes, sorry to say that at the moment I am suffering from an acute case of ‘lazycowitus’, it happens… I blame the weather (currently). And the government 🙂 The Summer this year has been nothing short of  laughable, no-one in their right mind wants to go outside the door when it’s chucking it down, least of all to exercise, and  in the current economic climate people are working longer hours in the office, the result being we are getting home late and are generally knackered…! the last thing you need to be thinking about is doing some star jumps or pulling on the leg warmers and watching Jane Fonda DVD’s…..don’t know about you but I’d sooner be grabbing some crisps and a glass of wine and catching up on the latest episodes of House 🙂

So, how will this impact on us slobs? a ‘sofa tax’ possibly? 🙂 We are, as adults, aware of the risks of not doing exercise, (to be honest, I only need to look in the mirror to see my inactivity ain’t doing me any good!!!) ……so, what stops us reaching for the trainers? is it just that we see the risks but enjoy cake more 🙂 ?? we really don’t need to be continually reminded of the perils…..Blimey, you only live once! I say smoke, drink, be a slob – your choice 🙂 but, as with everything, moderation is key 🙂

Your very own home from home Cinema….

So, come on then, hands up, how many of you would like a home cinema? Not given it much thought? Maybe you think it’s out of your budget, something for the wealthy amongst us to enjoy, or perhaps it’s a space issue, where would you put it??! Well, would it surprise you if I said it’s probably not as expensive as you think and you don’t even have to have a dedicated room, all budgets and room sizes can be catered for….becoming  more appealing yet?? 🙂

Could it even save you money?? 🙂 now there’s a thought!! With the average family ticket for a trip to the cinema costing around £30, excluding the price of the obligatory popcorn, or the petrol and parking to get there……it’s not a cheap treat is it? Think of the hours of fun you could have with your family and friends owning a home cinema…..and so much more relaxing, you have none of the worry of having a ‘big haired’ person sat directly in front of you obscuring your view…you can press pause if you need a toilet break, or to grab another beer out of the fridge 🙂 and what about the annoying rustling of sweet wrappers and people noisily eating popcorn – why is it that people can’t eat quietly in a cinema??! You buying into this yet :-)?? It’s a great way to spend quality time with the important people in your life, passing the popcorn (quietly :-)!) along the sofa 🙂 

Let’s look at where you could put it – obviously you could have it installed in your living room, or a bedroom, but what about that disused space or dumping ground?? You know what I’m talking about  🙂 We all have one don’t we? Perhaps it’s your garage or your loft? Or what about that Summer House in the garden… cool to turn it into your own little ‘film’ sanctuary or a place for the kids when they are getting on top of you!

If this has given you some food for thought, why not give us a call? ACCL provide a full range of Home Cinema solutions……..maybe we have just the one for you :-)??!

Putting the ‘Great’ back into Britain……

What a year to be British! We’ve had a patriotism overload this year haven’t we??  With bunting and Union Jack flags billowing from the windows of houses and High Streets up and down the country since April in preparation for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations at the beginning of June.

 People came out in their droves to ‘big up’ the Queen on her 60 years as our Head of State, only the 2nd monarch in British history to achieve such an accolade (Queen Victoria being the other)… No other country in the World has our pomp and ceremony, and visitors come from far and wide to revel in our glorious heritage, and we certainly know how to throw a party, don’t we 🙂 ??…. we Brits do all this in spite of our unpredictable climate 🙂 mind you, I say in spite of, but let’s face it, rubbish Summers are the norm for us aren’t they?? Always prepared with a rainmac and brolly….our stiff upper lip and fighting ‘bulldog’ spirit comes to the fore 🙂

In spite of the deluge of rain the flags are still flying, and 2 weeks after England’s footballers crashed out of yet another Euro’s, this weekend saw us Brits once again huddled around the TV on yet another wet Summer Sunday 🙂 Flags still flying, beer and optimism flowing…The British Grand Prix at Silverstone saw unfortunately another dismal day for the Brits…. Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button coming in 8th and 10th…

Our optimism remained resolutely in place for the mens Wimbledon Final, the hopes and dreams of the nation pinned solely onto Andy Murray – could he possibly do what Fred Perry did way back in 1936??! Alas, it wasn’t to be, and as we all cried along with him, we hope that he will soon have his day…..there’s always next year when Wimbledon will see ‘Murraymania’ in full flow 🙂

And now less than 3 weeks away from the Olympics, once again British hopes are flying high 🙂 The home nation, that has to count for something, right??! We have some fantastic athletes and some strong contenders for medals….we may not be the best, but as our Mum’s used to say ‘it’s not about the winning, it’s all about the taking part’!!!!!

You seriously wouldn’t want to be born anywhere else, well, this year anyway…!

Is your Home Networking up to Olympic standard…?

The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games are now only weeks away. Exciting times for our capital city lay ahead, with it being billed as the largest sports event in the World it will, of course bring with it a series of challenges, in particular to our transport system.  As a result many companies are being advised to stagger their staff’s working hours or allowing their employees to work from home. With the prospect of increased homeworking, internet services may become slower during the games, or in severe cases may even drop out altogether due to the number of people using the internet.

So, are you ready? What can you do to be more prepared? Granted, there will be issues out of your control, but do you know whether your home networking systems are up to scratch and able to cope? When did you last have a cable health check? Undiagnosed cabling problems can result in poor performance and possibly loss of data. The boss might not be happy if you’re not responding to his emails… 🙂

With this in mind and the knowledge that prevention is always better than cure, is it time for you to review or update your current home networking solutions? Why not call us free on 0333 900 0101 where one of our experienced team will be able to assist you. But hurry, time is running out 🙂 On your marks……get set…..GO!!