Home CCTV …your very own Big Brother

There’s no escaping it, CCTV cameras are everywhere! They have become a common sight over recent years, the first street surveillance was in the seaside town of Bournemouth back in 1985. Nowadays you can find them on every high street, from pubs to shops, car parks to office blocks, talk about Big Brother watching you 🙂 ! They offer reassurance to a lot of us as we feel they act as a deterrent against crime, and as such they are becoming a popular choice for homeowners, an Englishman’s home is his castle after all….

It’s not difficult to install a CCTV system into your home and the temptation for many of us would be to rush off and buy a DIY kit, we Brits love a bit of DIY don’t we 🙂  This may well take minutes to install (unless it’s flat-packed from IKEA!!!), but as the main purpose of CCTV is to ensure that in the unfortunate event of an incident the system will provide you with enough clear images, you need to know that you’ve got it right.

If you are looking to install a home CCTV system, why not let us help you to decide on what’s best for you? The components for any system are the same, you will need a camera, lens and monitor, you then need to decide whether you want a wired or wireless system…our experts will guide you through this, as well as helping choose the correct position for the camera, ensuring it complies with privacy laws, let’s face it the neighbours aren’t going to be happy if they have a camera pointed over their garden fence….!

Our team of experts will ensure that the installation is carried out with minimum disruption, and the work carries a 100% satisfaction guarantee, also, in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty we will give a 5 year warranty on the works that we carry out – not bad eh 🙂 ??! So, if you are thinking of having a home CCTV system installed, talk to us, you can call us free on 0333 900 0101 we will be happy to answer any of your questions.


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