Clash of the 2 Tonnes – Week 17……

…..and finally the end is in sight 🙂

The boss has decided to give himself just another 4 weeks, and let’s be honest, he’s the only one who’s been taking it seriously…..! The girls now physically squirm when I ask them for an update, things are not going that well…. 🙂

Dee has ‘fessed up that she is still completely off the diet wagon, and has been struggling since Easter!! She has been telling me that she’ll ‘definitely’ be back on it on Monday….she has been saying that for the past 3 weeks 🙂 problem is, she gets herself in a state building herself up to it, that she ends up eating twice as much…..! I understand, I hate food wastage, so you end up eating all of the bad things out of the cupboards and fridge in readiness….remind me someone, why do we put ourselves through this??? shouldn’t we just embrace the body God has given us??!!

Sally has, it has to be said, made more of an effort on the exercise front….biking and painting like a woman possessed! as a result she is aching like buggery all over (her words 🙂 !!!) The dog is a bit miffed as she has to keep moving around the house to avoid the paintbrush…..just the hall and front room left to do, then the whole house has had a makeover 🙂 need to work on yourself bird 🙂 oh, that sounded bitchy!

She had a slight misshap on the bike the other day, falling off after hurtling downhill at a rate of knots, trying to avoid an Oriental couple out walking with their dog, she got stuck in a high gear in the process, hit a small dip and landed on the muddy floor, legs akimbo….! It took a while to detangle herself from the brambles, whilst the couple just stood and watched… they had a right laugh at your expense over dinner that night mate!  The scales have been avoided because to counteract the exercise, she has been scoffing sausage sandwiches and quaffing vats of wine. She is now worried that the fat will turn to muscle and she’ll end up looking too “Fatima Whitbreadish” !!

I’ve had a major falling out with my new best friend ‘My Fitness Pal’ and I have to say it was a pretty short lived alliance…..I blame the rain entirely though 🙂 I couldn’t get outside to do my 5 lots of 20 minute exercise, and frankly when the weather is shite (and it has been MORE than shite!!) I crave comfort food, washed down with wine 🙂  with this in mind I have realised that the only hope for me in my quest to lose weight is to move to sunnier climes…..

So, Wayne is now counting down the weeks and is still going all out…..the man is a total Lege!! Only the occasional treat of AN APPLE!!!! He didn’t go for this weeks weigh-in but was down 3lb last week so no doubt he’s still on track for losing his final stone…I was looking at the ACCL website the other day, where Wayne is in a video introducing the company, it’s hard to believe it’s the same guy….

Well girls, we have 4 weeks to join forces and give the Connors a run for his money….we can’t just take this lying down – unless we are being hand fed grapes and intraveously given wine 🙂


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