Clash of the 2 Tonnes – Week 15………

So, come on then, have you missed me??? not updated you for the last 2 weeks…..did you notice my absence? 🙂 actually don’t answer that, I struggle with rejection….!!  I’ve had a busy few weeks, I took a week off to look after my boys over the Easter Holidays 🙂  I did think, however, that by leaving it a while I would have more to tell you, thing is 3 weeks actually flew by and not sure that I’ve got that much to say…… 🙂 !!

Right then, back to the diet…. *rolls eyes to floor, guiltily* I’ve not been very good, if I’m honest, please don’t judge me 🙂 I will hold my hands up (just don’t look at the bingo wings 🙂 !) but the fact is we had Easter, what more can I say? I didn’t get given my own Egg *sad face* but the downside (or is that upside??) of having children is that there will always be a chocolate bar within those eggs that they don’t like (in my boys’ case, it’s Snickers) If someone has gone to the trouble of buying an Easter Egg the least you can do is show your appreciation by eating it 🙂 so maybe Mum helped out…once or twice…..OK a couple more times than that! (would like to ask at this point, have you tried blitzing a Snickers bar in a blender with vanilla ice cream and milk?? OMG!…you HAVE to try it..even better if you plonk some squirty cream on top…. 🙂 probably best not to try if you’re attempting to lose weight though….. )

I am once again, feeling positive 🙂 ….I have discovered a fantastic App for the iphone – MyFitnessPal, this is now officially my new best friend…. you basically key in your height and weight, tell it how much you want to lose, in how many weeks and how much exercising you plan to do (I said 20 minutes, 5 times a week – let’s see if I can stick to this, shall we….??)  it then calculates what your daily calorie intake should be. Each day you enter in what you have consumed and the exercise you have done so you can keep tabs on your progress 🙂 simples!! I would like to add, that within the first couple of days of using the app it became pretty clear to me why I hadn’t managed to lose any weight 🙂 Long and short of it, I’m a greedy cow….! I’ve been going at least 300 calories over each day 🙂 but that stops now, oh yes!! Get ready for next week people, I will blow your minds……

Dee too had a great Easter, perhaps a little too good and has managed to gain 3lb :)!! sorry, I shouldn’t gloat but that did really make me laugh…! Being the ‘Hostess with the Mostest’ that she is, she fed the masses over the Bank Holiday weekend, entertaining her kids plus their other halves, grannies etc…..and as she rightly claims, when feeding the 5,000 it is customary to do this with a glass of wine (or two!) in hand. Entertaining over Easter will also ensure a steady influx of chocolate Eggs, which have to be eaten straightaway (OK, so I made that bit up, but Easter Eggs, in their ridiculously oversized packaging, do take up a lot of room, don’t they??). Her daughter turned 21 last week too, so birthday meals and a trip to the OXO Tower ensures that the weight steadfastly stays, for this week at least 🙂

Sally……….what to say 🙂 ??! *deep sigh* I don’t think she’s taking this seriously TBH, there’s always one…. 🙂 ! She believes that after the Easter Eatathon she is now assuming the shape of ‘said’ Egg… this is not good and must be addressed!! She has had the bike out once or twice, OK once 🙂 over the last couple of weeks but is, however having to walk the dog, so it’s not all bad! she is in need of a kick up the jacksey to get remotivated, leave that to me, that’s what I am here for :)!!

Even Wayne had (temporarily)  fallen off of his very high diet pedestal….a boys golfing weekend saw temptation put well and truly in his way 🙂 to be fair he did exceptionally well to avoid the treats on offer, opting for salad as opposed to ‘All You Can Eat’ curry buffet…..more than I could have done (I know you’re not surprised by that 🙂 !!) plus he drank 3 guinesses, unfortunately, as I’ve previously mentioned eating normal foods throws the body out of ketosis, this has caused havoc with his stomach for the past week, but normal service has now been resumed, I’ve been reliably informed 🙂 Since my last entry he has lost a further 7 1/4lb……just 1lb short of 5 stones – incredible!! he is now wearing 34″ waist trousers, it’s costing him a small fortune to keep updating the wardrobe…….! just one more stone and he’ll be happy 🙂


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