Are you Re-active or Pro-active?

What is it about the being British that makes us just a little but more re-active than pro-active?  Why when we see a queue do we get the sudden urge to join it…..are we afraid that we are missing out on something?  Last week’s fiasco at the petrol pumps had the drivers of Great Britain literally fighting over fuel for their vehicles, a very sad state of affairs indeed, especially as there was absolutely no need!  Who was to blame….because we have become a blame nation!   The Government?  The first selfish person to think only of themselves and use more petrol than they would usually need…or the next one who thought that everyone seems to be filling up so should I? The press for gleefully whipping up this manmade frenzy?  Possibly a combination of all three?  The public at large is sadly stressed to the eyeballs…fed up with bad news and the weight of financial hardship sitting heavily on our shoulders. The news is full of doom and gloom and anything that threatens our precarious peace of mind is likely to tip us further still into crazy re-active situations.

Here at ACCL we are constantly dealing with companies whose infrastructure has suddenly fallen over, causing costly downtime when, had the problem been highlighted sooner, the work could have been completed without any disruption to their day to day operations.

Now, are you happy with how your Voice and Data cabling installations are running? I fully appreciate that any large organisation may very well have their own internal IT Department, however if you are experiencing problems with your internal or external phone lines, or your computers are running slowly or crashing, then it could be that you already have a problem within the backbone of your infrastructure that may be easy to resolve if it is identified. It is very easy for anyone to get used to the inadequacies of a system when the impact on performance has been a slow decline. Bends or breaks in your cables, tangled cables or just broken RJ45 plugs can cost your company money on a daily basis if ignored, the performance of your system could be hindered, and possibly decline further until a greater problem is triggered.

With the demands on your company being greater and greater your Data Centre is rammed to the gills with the equipment needed to keep your business communicating with your customers.  Very costly to install initially, but vital to the success of any business.

In today’s financial climate it is really easy to ignore something that is on the face of it working perfectly well and not causing you any headaches. However routine maintenance can alleviate so many issues. But what are a lot of company’s doing to ensure that their infrastructure is healthy and effective? Are you being pro-active or waiting to be re-active?  Which can you afford to be?

If you would be interested in either reviewing your current arrangements or would like to speak to ACCL’s Team of Experts  to see what they can do to assist you, then please contact them for free on 0333 900 0101. Alternatively if you would like to visit their Website to find out a little bit more about what they may be able to do for you here is the link


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