Clash of the 2 Tonnes – Week 12…….

I honestly cannot believe that we are 12 weeks into the #ACCLteamdiet, that’s 3 months –  a quarter of a year – and the newer, slimmer team is slowly emerging, like butterflies from a cocoon of fat 🙂 Ha, Ha, yeah right 🙂 !!  Wayne is still single handedly doing it for the team……what a gent 🙂 !! He managed to lose another 6lb this week (this WEEK!! I would be seriously ecstatic if I’d lost that in the whole of the last 3 months…!!) AND with a couple of cheats 🙂 so he’s well chuffed, and so he should be, 12 weeks of eating ropey looking mush, lets hope, when the time comes he remembers how to chew..! he is still hoping to lose another 1 stone 10lb…..I personally think he should stop now, my boss is a shadow of his former self….he’s slowly wasting away in front of my eyes, 36″ waist and shrinking….  Wayne should carry a few extra pounds, it’s how he’s been designed, skinny Wayne won’t work! I might even start a campaign – ‘Keep Wayne cuddly’….!!

For my part, I still weigh exactly the same as I did at the start, yep, the same as I did 12 weeks ago…. 🙂 Got to laugh!! No, seriously, I have to laugh or else I’d cry…! on a positive note, at least I managed to lose the pound I’d gained last week 🙂 !! 3 months in and I have lost nuffin…..I am proper pants at this diet malarkey!! The weather is warming up nicely so salads are now (finally!) on the menu, however, I am struggling to give up the mayo, not going to beat myself up about it though, I’m taking it one step at a time… 🙂 I was gutted to realise that with the clocks going forward there has been an increase in daylight hours, this means there is more time available to eat…. 🙂 Come on God, give me a break…! My colleagues (I refuse to call them my friends!!) are now taking bets as to whether I will be up or down a pound by Christmas…..that’s SO out of order…!

Dee is looking pretty smug this week too……she is now back to her ‘pre-ski’ weight 🙂 although she didn’t lose anything last week, she hasn’t gained anything over the weekend either, which is miraculous, what happened?? Bearing this in mind, she is very hopeful for the week ahead 🙂

Sally has lost a single pound this week (my kinda gal 🙂 ) not overly impressed with herself as she felt she worked hard enough to lose a little more…..she is now competing with me on ‘the battle of the pound’ as she is reckons she will have gained it again by next week ….way too much negativity in this office 🙂

Anyone for a biscuit 🙂 ??


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