Is your Data Cabling being neglected………?

In an ever increasingly technological world, everyone wants to have the latest equipment, in business this can equate to spending hundreds and thousands of pounds getting the latest computers, servers, phone systems etc.., It would appear, however, that people aren’t always so keen to invest in the very thing that supports the backbone of this technology….. data cabling is often neglected, it’s the ‘non-sexy’ bit that is hidden behind the scenes, so therefore often gets overlooked.  It is, however, the essential foundation for your business, and as such should be maintained. It can, ultimately mean the success or failure of your business, it’s that straightforward! You need a system that will be reliable, manageable and offer you outstanding performance and the potential for growth… makes sense, therefore to have it checked out once in a while? . It seems mad that by law you have to have periodic inspections of electrical equipment in the form of PAT testing but there is currently nothing in place to ensure you get your data cabling checked, which seems ridiculous as it’s the very basis of your business,  the bit that keeps it functioning. In these tough economic times there is a danger that we wait until something does go wrong and then look for a quick fix, at the end of the day we can’t afford to be without the lifeline of our business. We learn through experience that this is not always the best option and can end up being more costly. As with everything in life 🙂 your data cabling needs nurturing, looking after to ensure that you get the best out of it……Have you considered a yearly ‘health check’ ……?

Here are some examples of data cabling neglect that we have come across, anything look familiar 🙂 ??

Here at ACCL we are able to provide you with a FREE 120 minute audit on the health of your Voice and Data Cabling Network, using qualified and experienced engineers. So, come on, put your mind at rest, what have you got to lose 🙂 ??


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