Clash of the 2 Tonnes – Week 11…….

Oh dear….. 🙂 I know I said that this was the week I was really going to get to grips with the diet, but, for one the weather changed didn’t it?? didn’t stay warm like I expected it to 😦 therefore the ‘eating salad’ option went out of the window (only temporarily you understand!) in favour of the comfort food (again!) I have to say you cannot do comfort food in small portions can you? sort of defeats the object of it being a comfort, the idea being that you stuff yourself silly to the point where you can longer move unaided and vegitate in front of the TV 🙂 …. this week also saw me have dinner with friends a few times (3 times to be exact) – not my fault I’m popular, is it?? Got on the scales this morning and I am now a pound heavier than when I started the ‘diet’…..oops 🙂 that’s not supposed to happen!! So, not a good week, I should also say that my exercise equipment is still strategically placed in the living room, gathering dust through lack of use 🙂   it’s actually quite amazing how I’ve got used to it just being there, can easily walk past it now without even feeling guilty…. 🙂 I digress, I wanted to add at this point that as well as it being great to catch up with friends this week, 2 of my  girlfriends looked totally hot after losing 2 1/2 stone each on the Dukan diet…….!! AND they were only on it a few weeks 🙂 so… I’m off to do a bit of research…..maybe this is the diet for me?????

Wayne has crashed and burned this week, well, it had to happen 🙂  I’m just amazed that it has taken him this long to do it!! On the way home after a Mother’s Day visit to his mum in London, he came back via Brick Lane to pick up some bagels for his lovely woman and couldn’t resist a salt beef sandwich……! Go Wayne 🙂 !! Could have been worse, could have gone into one of the many curry houses and really gone to town! (I would have 🙂 !!) He’s a bit gutted as he only lost 3lb again this week, another pound would have seen him reach the 4 stone mark…. He is still determined to stick it out though (mug….!!)

Sally has finally beaten her ‘weighing scales phobia’ and this week she has put on 2lb, which she expected following her illness last week. She has been very sensible with her eating this week and is feeling properly motivated….with the clocks going forward this weekend Sally has got the bike out of the shed to dust off the cobwebs and give it a good oiling (something I could do with, come to think of it…. :)!!) ready for the lighter evenings next week (don’t forget the gel pants mate!!).

Dee, Dee, Dee 🙂 what to say?? a girl after my own heart really, she is still yo-yo-ing, losing a couple of pounds through the working week (yep, still doing the tomato soup and ryvita with cottage cheese, EVERY day!!) but putting them straight back on over the weekend 🙂 she needs to break the cycle and get fully motivated again but it is easier said than done (feeling your pain bird 🙂 ) She is still looking to lose a further 5 to 6lb, not much, just one final push girl, you can do it……!


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