Westcombe Park Cougars – A team to be proud of……

ACCL has been actively involved in sponsoring what is now the Under 13’s team at Westcombe Park RFC, our local Rugby club, affectionately known as ‘Combe’. The club is based at Goddington Dene in the heart of Orpington. The club was founded back in 1905 by Dudley E Roughton, a disabled man who was unable to play the game himself, founding members included family, extended family and friends.  The club takes its name from the Westcombe Park area of what is today part of the Royal Borough of Greenwich where it was originally founded. The club subsequently played in Lee, Shooters Hill and Sidcup and finally settled on it’s current location after a spell in Avalon Road, Orpington in 1990.

The club has 5 rugby pitches, a grandstand, fully equipped gym, 3 football pitches, 2 cricket squares plus 6 tennis courts…not bad eh? out of breath just saying it!!

‘Combe’ aims to be a club to suit all standards and levels from its ‘mini’ team (age7) through to its National League First Team.

Most of the youth rugby occurs on a Sunday with the club fielding at least one team per age group between the ages of 7 and 19. It has built a strong reputation amongst other Kent clubs, boasting International representatives at several levels.

ACCL have been proudly  sponsoring The Cougars for the past 18 months, I have to admit when Wayne first mentioned that we were looking to support the local Rugby team my heart did skip a beat, I was thinking lean, fit, muscley young men 🙂 …… but, honestly, I’m not disappointed 🙂 encouraging kids into sport and away from computer games can only be a good thing, and for boys especially, a contact sport is a great way for relieving some of that built up energy and testosterone…I would know, have 2 of my own! Little darlings……

This season has seen the boys jump up from ‘mini’ rugby to junior rugby where the team increases from 13 to 15 players, same as for an adult team…..not all the same rules apply yet as the boys are still a bit young….! 4th March saw the boys gain their first win in a couple of years and first as a 15 man team, they beat Aylesford 31 points to 10…get in 🙂 !! this was in spite of losing one of their best players of the season through injury…..

The team has been steadily gaining strength, with dedicated coaches on hand to support the boys. We wish them all the best going forward…. “COUGARS!!!” 

Who is that gorgeous man, centre back row???….oh yeah, it’s the boss 🙂


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