Clash of the 2 Tonnes – Week 10……

Got a slight spring in my step this week……the sun is shining, the daffs are out, birds are chirping happily, plus the added bonus is that I can leave my bed in the morning without it feeling like the middle of the night…what is there to feel down about?? Well, there is one little thing… 🙂 with Winter comes the benefit of hiding all your disgusting lumpy body bits, for the past 6 months my body has been kept under wraps, well hidden under that thick, baggy jumper, the one that every woman owns…. or disguised with lots of black clothes, which we know can be very slimming 🙂 With the onset of Spring comes the (not so) joyous prospect of bearing some flesh….. those first few days of ‘getting the legs out’ are never good, white, with a bluish tinge…. and to be honest I’m always wary of seeing dogs whilst out and about, they tend to eye up my legs hungrily, fairplay to them, they do tend to resemble raw chicken drumsticks…! but, back to the positives, from a diet perspective eating salads becomes the norm, so providing I don’t smother everything in mayo, things should start to look up…! I’ve not had the best week 🙂 well, the sun only came out Saturday, give me a chance! No change again 😦 having said that I have lost 2 pounds of fat and gained 2 pounds of pure muscle….. 🙂 however, this is the week that the diet really starts to kick in, no really, it is 🙂

Sally has lost weight this week 🙂 it was, however due to a stomach bug which is not necessarily the best way to lose weight, rather unpleasant  but, that aside, look at the positives…..things hadn’t been going well on the diet front and maybe this was the kick start she needed 🙂 she is now fired up and ready to go…..having only eaten poached egg on toast twice in the last 4 days 😦 She got the scales out this weekend, which she has refused to do up until now after finally remembering where she hid them 🙂 The last time she weighed herself was Autumn time last year after returning from holiday and she has lost 9lb since then – get in!

The Boss has not had the best week, he is gutted that he has only lost 2 3/4lb, he has such high expectations – some people are never happy, is this a man thing?? *controversial :)!!*  He is however 2lb off of losing a whopping 4 stone – top bloke! Got to say, he’s looking good on it, a mere slip of his former self. He wants to lose another 2 stone within the next 2 months and is going all out, as he is finding it a struggle, he has still been cheating with an apple every night – shock, horror 🙂 also he was out Saturday night and forgot to pack a gruel sachet so had a chicken pasta, these things are not good when you’re on the Lighter Life Plan….. takes you out of ketosis which then takes your body 3 days to re-adjust 😦 He is now totally re-focussed and determined that next week’s weigh-in will see him  losing a bit more…

Dee has managed to lose 1/2lb…..hmmm, not really sure what to say….?? not great is it?! She’s lacking  motivation at the moment, she reckons this is because as she is within ‘normal’ BMI range (I’m surprised that she’s a normal anything 🙂 ) and although towards the top end of normal, I do get where she’s coming from…. you almost need someone to tell you that “the muffin top needs addressing” or the like…..! Leave it to me 🙂

So, not a great week all round but nothing will motivate more than the prospect of getting out the Summer wardrobe and bearing flesh, time to give those Bingo wings a bashing….


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