Let’s talk guilty pleasures……

So, come on then, what’s yours?

We all have them but wouldn’t dream of sharing them with our nearest and dearest, would we? Those embarrassing pleasures that we keep only for ourselves for fear of humiliation but here I’m offering you a service, afterall the web offers anonimity, a chance for you to expose a little piece of yourself to the masses who don’t know who you are! How liberating…!

A guilty pleasure is described as something you enjoy and consider pleasurable despite feeling guilty about enjoying it. The “guilt” involved is simply fear of others discovering your  embarrassing tastes (of which I have many 🙂 ). Fashion, music, movies and junk food,  can all be examples of guilty pleasures.

It is only fair that I start the ball rolling with mine, I’m actually quite excited about putting my pleasures “out there”!…. secrets I have kept hidden for most of my adult life out in the open for all to see, friends and family may shun me but I take comfort from the fact that by sharing my innermost perversions I may invite a whole new army of followers, the fact that they may be there out of pity is neither here nor there to me….!

How can something you know is so wrong feel so right???

Right, here goes 🙂  I thought I would begin with movies, now I did struggle to find my ultimate guilty pleasure, I mean, there are some seriously naff but brilliant films out there!

Teen Wolf, let’s be honest the storyline is pants, a basketball playing teen that turns into a wolf 🙂 …..the fact is Michael J Fox stars and had we met back in the 80’s we would have got married and lived happily ever after, he graced my bedroom wall for half of the decade…

Pretty Woman, proper girly film about a prostitute that gets picked up by her very rich and handsome knight in shining armour played by the insanely gorgeous Richard Gere. Let’s face it every girl back then wanted to be a “lady of the night” look as stunning as Julia Roberts and be whisked away for a life of luxury and sex on tap with an uber fit stud.

Flash Gordon, Oh God, how I loved this film 🙂 I know it’s a really cheesy film about a seriously dodgy costume wearing Superhero with real “coz your worth it” hair! Flash  has to defeat Ming’s men on Planet Mong….classic!  “Flash, Flash! we only have 14 hours to save the Earth” gets me every time, Queen soundtrack “FLASH…..ARRR ARRRRGH!” is the only saving grace, I love it!

Dirty Dancing, OMG! everyone’s guilty pleasure right?? How can you not love the whole Johnny/Baby story? Patrick Swayze is superfit and won’t let anyone put Baby in the corner, what girl didn’t dream of being Jennifer Gray?? “I’ve had the time of my life…” I still watch it now, on those days when I’m feeling a bit low, the days where you sit on the sofa in your PJ’s scoffing crisps and guzzling wine….. they don’t make films like this anymore!

Dude, where’s my car, last but by no means least, the humour in this film is mad, what does this say about me??! it’s about 2 guys who find themselves completely wasted and can’t remember where they parked their car the previous night – a daft storyline ensues, the tattoo scene has me nearly peeing my pants every time I see it, cracks me up, completely stupid but utterly hilarious! and did I mention Ashton Kutcher is in it? *swoon* *died and gone to Heaven*

Food Pleasures, where do I start??  salivating as I type this and I have to say this list is not comprehensive….. I’ve had to hold back, my eating habits are really quite disgusting!

These are in no particular order, it can be dependant on my mood or relative to what I’m doing at the time…. and let’s face it to enjoy food properly you need to be comfortable, I like to be in slobbing out tracksuits or pyjamas for lots of these foods, and if I’m alone, all the better….. 🙂

chicken supernoodles with grated cheese – yum!

Pickled Onion Monster Munch & salad cream sandwiches, has to be white bread and has to be Heinz!

Dry weetabix biscuits, thickly smeared with butter (proper butter, preferably unsalted 🙂  no vegetable oil alternatives, thank you very much!)

Licking cake mix straight from the bowl, loved this as much as the next kid growing up but had to share with 2 brothers, boo 😦  so now, as a mum, I give each of my 2 boys a beater from the mixer and I have the bowl all to myself, I am quite civilised now though, I don’t stick my tongue straight into the bowl, opting now as a grown up to use a spoon  🙂 ….pure Heaven!

Cadbury Creme Egg/Walnut Whip, nothing weird in that I know, it’s the way they have to be eaten…. biting the tops off then sticking your tongue right in to extract the scrummy goo inside before shoving the chocolate shell into your mouth as quickly as is humanly possible, delightfully satisfying!

Licking buttercream off the top of cup cakes, I have to confess to quite often binning the spongey bit……wasteful, yes, but a sometimes necessary evil!

The one thing I have discovered whilst doing this (bewilderingly therapeutic) exercise is that my guilty pleasures know no bounds! I’m actually a little bit freaky?! I could share so much more with you now that I’m on a roll as I’ve not even touched on music! believe me some of the songs I love to listen to would destroy any street cred I have left (and trust me, it ain’t much 🙂  ) and if my kids knew, well, I truly believe I would be disowned as I am already (highly) embarrassing to them! So, for the time being at least I have decided to retain my musical guilty pleasure just for myself……!

So, come on, I’ve shown you mine, are you brave (stupid?!) enough to show me yours 🙂 ?!


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