Clash of the 2 Tonnes – Week 9…….

We’ve reached week 9, that’s 8 full weeks of dieting *rolls around the floor clutching sides in hysterical laughter* I am, I’ve decided, what is officially known as a yo-yo dieter 🙂 1lb up, 1lb down…!! All this ‘upping’ and ‘downing’ should be losing me – something?? – My new angle though is that I might not be losing weight but the fat is turning into pure muscle with all the exercising I’m doing, we all know that muscle weighs more than fat, don’t we?   🙂 OK, so this week I may not have done any ‘proper’ exercise but I do have to remove myself from the sofa and walk to the kitchen to obtain wine and onion rings, it’s not like it’s right there next to me…. do you know how far that is??!!  I’m living with the hope that one day I will wake up with my willpower fully functioning and my metabolism running on overdrive…. it might happen….???  I’ve not lost any weight (again) this week but I will say I have lost a pound of fat and gained a pound of muscle… 🙂 with this new angle in mind I am hoping to  gain a couple of pounds this week….of pure muscle, obviously!

Sally, who started so well, it has to be said, is struggling to remain focussed 🙂 This week has been her worst so far……wine has been her drink of choice, which isn’t great, granted, but at least she’s getting fruit in the form of grapes, don’t beat yourself up girl, at least you didn’t opt for vodka 🙂 having said that isn’t vodka derived from potatoes??…Sorry, I digress… Sally’s new mantra is ‘Big is Beautiful’ and she’s preparing to embrace it wholeheartedly…..having started on Sunday with cream laden mushroom and peppercorn sauces, poured seductively over steak…. *drool*  ACCL Eatathon is sounding more appealing by the day…. 🙂

Even Wayne has been walking round with a face like a slapped arse this week, his weigh-in last night revealed he only lost 3lb  (Christ! that’s 3 1/2 stone overall!!! some people are just never happy 🙂 ) He is struggling, and who can blame him, he isn’t eating proper food, these Lighter Life sachets he’s living on get dissolved in water, look like lumpy wallpaper paste and I only wish I could describe the smell 😦 …eating that 3 times a day, with 1 ‘cereal’ bar as variation (a cross between rough sandpaper and something you would leave out for the birds, smells a bit like wood chippings, nom, nom 🙂 …) 7 days a week for the past 8 weeks, if you ask me he’s entitled to have the hump! He has been cheating every evening too, with an apple………! He wants to keep going for another 8 weeks and lose another 3 1/2 stone, for his sacrifice he deserves to – stay positive, you can do it boss 🙂

The lovely Dee, and I do have to say she is looking hot 🙂 I had high hopes for her on the diet this week 🙂 back from her hols, she’d lost 2lb last week, and OK was easing herself back in gently, by last Friday she was down another 2lb – get in!!…..unfortunately then the weekend happened 🙂 which managed to wipe out fully the hard work that she done…she had the kids over with their other halves, and spoilt them with fry-up’s, 3 course dinners and the like, you cannot cook for others and not partake yourself, that is rude! obviously wine was consumed in copious amounts (not with the breakfast 🙂 !! ) I would like to stress at this point that despite what you may think, and I would understand your logic in reaching this conclusion, the ACCL girls are NOT alcoholics…..yet!!


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