Clash of the 2 Tonnes – Week 12…….

I honestly cannot believe that we are 12 weeks into the #ACCLteamdiet, that’s 3 months –  a quarter of a year – and the newer, slimmer team is slowly emerging, like butterflies from a cocoon of fat 🙂 Ha, Ha, yeah right 🙂 !!  Wayne is still single handedly doing it for the team……what a gent 🙂 !! He managed to lose another 6lb this week (this WEEK!! I would be seriously ecstatic if I’d lost that in the whole of the last 3 months…!!) AND with a couple of cheats 🙂 so he’s well chuffed, and so he should be, 12 weeks of eating ropey looking mush, lets hope, when the time comes he remembers how to chew..! he is still hoping to lose another 1 stone 10lb…..I personally think he should stop now, my boss is a shadow of his former self….he’s slowly wasting away in front of my eyes, 36″ waist and shrinking….  Wayne should carry a few extra pounds, it’s how he’s been designed, skinny Wayne won’t work! I might even start a campaign – ‘Keep Wayne cuddly’….!!

For my part, I still weigh exactly the same as I did at the start, yep, the same as I did 12 weeks ago…. 🙂 Got to laugh!! No, seriously, I have to laugh or else I’d cry…! on a positive note, at least I managed to lose the pound I’d gained last week 🙂 !! 3 months in and I have lost nuffin…..I am proper pants at this diet malarkey!! The weather is warming up nicely so salads are now (finally!) on the menu, however, I am struggling to give up the mayo, not going to beat myself up about it though, I’m taking it one step at a time… 🙂 I was gutted to realise that with the clocks going forward there has been an increase in daylight hours, this means there is more time available to eat…. 🙂 Come on God, give me a break…! My colleagues (I refuse to call them my friends!!) are now taking bets as to whether I will be up or down a pound by Christmas…..that’s SO out of order…!

Dee is looking pretty smug this week too……she is now back to her ‘pre-ski’ weight 🙂 although she didn’t lose anything last week, she hasn’t gained anything over the weekend either, which is miraculous, what happened?? Bearing this in mind, she is very hopeful for the week ahead 🙂

Sally has lost a single pound this week (my kinda gal 🙂 ) not overly impressed with herself as she felt she worked hard enough to lose a little more…..she is now competing with me on ‘the battle of the pound’ as she is reckons she will have gained it again by next week ….way too much negativity in this office 🙂

Anyone for a biscuit 🙂 ??


Is your Data Cabling being neglected………?

In an ever increasingly technological world, everyone wants to have the latest equipment, in business this can equate to spending hundreds and thousands of pounds getting the latest computers, servers, phone systems etc.., It would appear, however, that people aren’t always so keen to invest in the very thing that supports the backbone of this technology….. data cabling is often neglected, it’s the ‘non-sexy’ bit that is hidden behind the scenes, so therefore often gets overlooked.  It is, however, the essential foundation for your business, and as such should be maintained. It can, ultimately mean the success or failure of your business, it’s that straightforward! You need a system that will be reliable, manageable and offer you outstanding performance and the potential for growth… makes sense, therefore to have it checked out once in a while? . It seems mad that by law you have to have periodic inspections of electrical equipment in the form of PAT testing but there is currently nothing in place to ensure you get your data cabling checked, which seems ridiculous as it’s the very basis of your business,  the bit that keeps it functioning. In these tough economic times there is a danger that we wait until something does go wrong and then look for a quick fix, at the end of the day we can’t afford to be without the lifeline of our business. We learn through experience that this is not always the best option and can end up being more costly. As with everything in life 🙂 your data cabling needs nurturing, looking after to ensure that you get the best out of it……Have you considered a yearly ‘health check’ ……?

Here are some examples of data cabling neglect that we have come across, anything look familiar 🙂 ??

Here at ACCL we are able to provide you with a FREE 120 minute audit on the health of your Voice and Data Cabling Network, using qualified and experienced engineers. So, come on, put your mind at rest, what have you got to lose 🙂 ??

Clash of the 2 Tonnes – Week 11…….

Oh dear….. 🙂 I know I said that this was the week I was really going to get to grips with the diet, but, for one the weather changed didn’t it?? didn’t stay warm like I expected it to 😦 therefore the ‘eating salad’ option went out of the window (only temporarily you understand!) in favour of the comfort food (again!) I have to say you cannot do comfort food in small portions can you? sort of defeats the object of it being a comfort, the idea being that you stuff yourself silly to the point where you can longer move unaided and vegitate in front of the TV 🙂 …. this week also saw me have dinner with friends a few times (3 times to be exact) – not my fault I’m popular, is it?? Got on the scales this morning and I am now a pound heavier than when I started the ‘diet’…..oops 🙂 that’s not supposed to happen!! So, not a good week, I should also say that my exercise equipment is still strategically placed in the living room, gathering dust through lack of use 🙂   it’s actually quite amazing how I’ve got used to it just being there, can easily walk past it now without even feeling guilty…. 🙂 I digress, I wanted to add at this point that as well as it being great to catch up with friends this week, 2 of my  girlfriends looked totally hot after losing 2 1/2 stone each on the Dukan diet…….!! AND they were only on it a few weeks 🙂 so… I’m off to do a bit of research…..maybe this is the diet for me?????

Wayne has crashed and burned this week, well, it had to happen 🙂  I’m just amazed that it has taken him this long to do it!! On the way home after a Mother’s Day visit to his mum in London, he came back via Brick Lane to pick up some bagels for his lovely woman and couldn’t resist a salt beef sandwich……! Go Wayne 🙂 !! Could have been worse, could have gone into one of the many curry houses and really gone to town! (I would have 🙂 !!) He’s a bit gutted as he only lost 3lb again this week, another pound would have seen him reach the 4 stone mark…. He is still determined to stick it out though (mug….!!)

Sally has finally beaten her ‘weighing scales phobia’ and this week she has put on 2lb, which she expected following her illness last week. She has been very sensible with her eating this week and is feeling properly motivated….with the clocks going forward this weekend Sally has got the bike out of the shed to dust off the cobwebs and give it a good oiling (something I could do with, come to think of it…. :)!!) ready for the lighter evenings next week (don’t forget the gel pants mate!!).

Dee, Dee, Dee 🙂 what to say?? a girl after my own heart really, she is still yo-yo-ing, losing a couple of pounds through the working week (yep, still doing the tomato soup and ryvita with cottage cheese, EVERY day!!) but putting them straight back on over the weekend 🙂 she needs to break the cycle and get fully motivated again but it is easier said than done (feeling your pain bird 🙂 ) She is still looking to lose a further 5 to 6lb, not much, just one final push girl, you can do it……!

Westcombe Park Cougars – A team to be proud of……

ACCL has been actively involved in sponsoring what is now the Under 13’s team at Westcombe Park RFC, our local Rugby club, affectionately known as ‘Combe’. The club is based at Goddington Dene in the heart of Orpington. The club was founded back in 1905 by Dudley E Roughton, a disabled man who was unable to play the game himself, founding members included family, extended family and friends.  The club takes its name from the Westcombe Park area of what is today part of the Royal Borough of Greenwich where it was originally founded. The club subsequently played in Lee, Shooters Hill and Sidcup and finally settled on it’s current location after a spell in Avalon Road, Orpington in 1990.

The club has 5 rugby pitches, a grandstand, fully equipped gym, 3 football pitches, 2 cricket squares plus 6 tennis courts…not bad eh? out of breath just saying it!!

‘Combe’ aims to be a club to suit all standards and levels from its ‘mini’ team (age7) through to its National League First Team.

Most of the youth rugby occurs on a Sunday with the club fielding at least one team per age group between the ages of 7 and 19. It has built a strong reputation amongst other Kent clubs, boasting International representatives at several levels.

ACCL have been proudly  sponsoring The Cougars for the past 18 months, I have to admit when Wayne first mentioned that we were looking to support the local Rugby team my heart did skip a beat, I was thinking lean, fit, muscley young men 🙂 …… but, honestly, I’m not disappointed 🙂 encouraging kids into sport and away from computer games can only be a good thing, and for boys especially, a contact sport is a great way for relieving some of that built up energy and testosterone…I would know, have 2 of my own! Little darlings……

This season has seen the boys jump up from ‘mini’ rugby to junior rugby where the team increases from 13 to 15 players, same as for an adult team…..not all the same rules apply yet as the boys are still a bit young….! 4th March saw the boys gain their first win in a couple of years and first as a 15 man team, they beat Aylesford 31 points to 10…get in 🙂 !! this was in spite of losing one of their best players of the season through injury…..

The team has been steadily gaining strength, with dedicated coaches on hand to support the boys. We wish them all the best going forward…. “COUGARS!!!” 

Who is that gorgeous man, centre back row???….oh yeah, it’s the boss 🙂

Fibre Optics….is this the clear answer to Cable Theft?

With Cable theft becoming an ever growing problem Fibre-optic is largely replacing copper wire as the preferred choice in core network installations,  and whereas cost used to be an issue, the increase in value of Copper has also made Fibre-Optic much more affordable.

So what are the advantages and why does Fibre-Optic seem like the wise choice to make when choosing your method of Cabling?

  • Clearer Signal – The loss of signal in optical fibre is less than in copper wire. Fibre-Optics use light pulses to transmit information down Fibre lines, as opposed to the electrical signals in copper wires, the light signals from one fibre do not interfere with those of other fibres in the same cable. This means clearer phone conversations or TV reception and faster Internet speed.
  • Low power – Because signals in optical fibres degrade less, lower-power transmitters can be used instead of the high-voltage electrical transmitters needed for copper wires.  Again, this saves your provider, and ultimately you, money.
  • Secure Digital signals – Optical fibres are ideally suited for carrying digital information, which is especially useful in computer networks, as it faster and has improved security, being harder to tap into than the Copper equivalent.
  • Non-flammable – Because no electricity is passed through optical fibres there is less fire hazard. Only the sheath has any kind of fire hazard attached to it.
  • The Greener Option ~ Being made of glass, and therefore sand, your Fibre-Optic is kinder to our planet.
  • Lightweight – An optical cable weighs less than a comparable copper wire cable.  Therefore carrying cables overhead in ceilings becomes much quicker, easier and safer.
  • Thinner – Optical fibres can be drawn to smaller diameters than copper wire. Fibre-Optic cables take up less space in the ground….and less space in your building!

    Copper Cable

    Copper Cable ~ thicker than the equivalent Fibre Optic

  • Higher carrying capacity – Because optical fibres are thinner than copper wires, more Fibres can be pulled into a given-diameter cable than copper wires. This allows more phone lines to go over the same cable or more channels to come through the cable into your cable TV box.

    Fibre Optic Cable (loose tube) ~ much thinner than the alternative Copper Equivalent

Ultimately Fibre Optic has no re-sale value and a longer operational life expectancy than Copper!

Cable theft….lets make it easier and take the temptation away !

So if you are looking at your options, want a little bit more information or just need to talk to an expert then ACCL are on hand to assist you.  We can help you to make an informed decision on what is the best solution for you and your business.

Clash of the 2 Tonnes – Week 10……

Got a slight spring in my step this week……the sun is shining, the daffs are out, birds are chirping happily, plus the added bonus is that I can leave my bed in the morning without it feeling like the middle of the night…what is there to feel down about?? Well, there is one little thing… 🙂 with Winter comes the benefit of hiding all your disgusting lumpy body bits, for the past 6 months my body has been kept under wraps, well hidden under that thick, baggy jumper, the one that every woman owns…. or disguised with lots of black clothes, which we know can be very slimming 🙂 With the onset of Spring comes the (not so) joyous prospect of bearing some flesh….. those first few days of ‘getting the legs out’ are never good, white, with a bluish tinge…. and to be honest I’m always wary of seeing dogs whilst out and about, they tend to eye up my legs hungrily, fairplay to them, they do tend to resemble raw chicken drumsticks…! but, back to the positives, from a diet perspective eating salads becomes the norm, so providing I don’t smother everything in mayo, things should start to look up…! I’ve not had the best week 🙂 well, the sun only came out Saturday, give me a chance! No change again 😦 having said that I have lost 2 pounds of fat and gained 2 pounds of pure muscle….. 🙂 however, this is the week that the diet really starts to kick in, no really, it is 🙂

Sally has lost weight this week 🙂 it was, however due to a stomach bug which is not necessarily the best way to lose weight, rather unpleasant  but, that aside, look at the positives…..things hadn’t been going well on the diet front and maybe this was the kick start she needed 🙂 she is now fired up and ready to go…..having only eaten poached egg on toast twice in the last 4 days 😦 She got the scales out this weekend, which she has refused to do up until now after finally remembering where she hid them 🙂 The last time she weighed herself was Autumn time last year after returning from holiday and she has lost 9lb since then – get in!

The Boss has not had the best week, he is gutted that he has only lost 2 3/4lb, he has such high expectations – some people are never happy, is this a man thing?? *controversial :)!!*  He is however 2lb off of losing a whopping 4 stone – top bloke! Got to say, he’s looking good on it, a mere slip of his former self. He wants to lose another 2 stone within the next 2 months and is going all out, as he is finding it a struggle, he has still been cheating with an apple every night – shock, horror 🙂 also he was out Saturday night and forgot to pack a gruel sachet so had a chicken pasta, these things are not good when you’re on the Lighter Life Plan….. takes you out of ketosis which then takes your body 3 days to re-adjust 😦 He is now totally re-focussed and determined that next week’s weigh-in will see him  losing a bit more…

Dee has managed to lose 1/2lb…..hmmm, not really sure what to say….?? not great is it?! She’s lacking  motivation at the moment, she reckons this is because as she is within ‘normal’ BMI range (I’m surprised that she’s a normal anything 🙂 ) and although towards the top end of normal, I do get where she’s coming from…. you almost need someone to tell you that “the muffin top needs addressing” or the like…..! Leave it to me 🙂

So, not a great week all round but nothing will motivate more than the prospect of getting out the Summer wardrobe and bearing flesh, time to give those Bingo wings a bashing….

Let’s talk guilty pleasures……

So, come on then, what’s yours?

We all have them but wouldn’t dream of sharing them with our nearest and dearest, would we? Those embarrassing pleasures that we keep only for ourselves for fear of humiliation but here I’m offering you a service, afterall the web offers anonimity, a chance for you to expose a little piece of yourself to the masses who don’t know who you are! How liberating…!

A guilty pleasure is described as something you enjoy and consider pleasurable despite feeling guilty about enjoying it. The “guilt” involved is simply fear of others discovering your  embarrassing tastes (of which I have many 🙂 ). Fashion, music, movies and junk food,  can all be examples of guilty pleasures.

It is only fair that I start the ball rolling with mine, I’m actually quite excited about putting my pleasures “out there”!…. secrets I have kept hidden for most of my adult life out in the open for all to see, friends and family may shun me but I take comfort from the fact that by sharing my innermost perversions I may invite a whole new army of followers, the fact that they may be there out of pity is neither here nor there to me….!

How can something you know is so wrong feel so right???

Right, here goes 🙂  I thought I would begin with movies, now I did struggle to find my ultimate guilty pleasure, I mean, there are some seriously naff but brilliant films out there!

Teen Wolf, let’s be honest the storyline is pants, a basketball playing teen that turns into a wolf 🙂 …..the fact is Michael J Fox stars and had we met back in the 80’s we would have got married and lived happily ever after, he graced my bedroom wall for half of the decade…

Pretty Woman, proper girly film about a prostitute that gets picked up by her very rich and handsome knight in shining armour played by the insanely gorgeous Richard Gere. Let’s face it every girl back then wanted to be a “lady of the night” look as stunning as Julia Roberts and be whisked away for a life of luxury and sex on tap with an uber fit stud.

Flash Gordon, Oh God, how I loved this film 🙂 I know it’s a really cheesy film about a seriously dodgy costume wearing Superhero with real “coz your worth it” hair! Flash  has to defeat Ming’s men on Planet Mong….classic!  “Flash, Flash! we only have 14 hours to save the Earth” gets me every time, Queen soundtrack “FLASH…..ARRR ARRRRGH!” is the only saving grace, I love it!

Dirty Dancing, OMG! everyone’s guilty pleasure right?? How can you not love the whole Johnny/Baby story? Patrick Swayze is superfit and won’t let anyone put Baby in the corner, what girl didn’t dream of being Jennifer Gray?? “I’ve had the time of my life…” I still watch it now, on those days when I’m feeling a bit low, the days where you sit on the sofa in your PJ’s scoffing crisps and guzzling wine….. they don’t make films like this anymore!

Dude, where’s my car, last but by no means least, the humour in this film is mad, what does this say about me??! it’s about 2 guys who find themselves completely wasted and can’t remember where they parked their car the previous night – a daft storyline ensues, the tattoo scene has me nearly peeing my pants every time I see it, cracks me up, completely stupid but utterly hilarious! and did I mention Ashton Kutcher is in it? *swoon* *died and gone to Heaven*

Food Pleasures, where do I start??  salivating as I type this and I have to say this list is not comprehensive….. I’ve had to hold back, my eating habits are really quite disgusting!

These are in no particular order, it can be dependant on my mood or relative to what I’m doing at the time…. and let’s face it to enjoy food properly you need to be comfortable, I like to be in slobbing out tracksuits or pyjamas for lots of these foods, and if I’m alone, all the better….. 🙂

chicken supernoodles with grated cheese – yum!

Pickled Onion Monster Munch & salad cream sandwiches, has to be white bread and has to be Heinz!

Dry weetabix biscuits, thickly smeared with butter (proper butter, preferably unsalted 🙂  no vegetable oil alternatives, thank you very much!)

Licking cake mix straight from the bowl, loved this as much as the next kid growing up but had to share with 2 brothers, boo 😦  so now, as a mum, I give each of my 2 boys a beater from the mixer and I have the bowl all to myself, I am quite civilised now though, I don’t stick my tongue straight into the bowl, opting now as a grown up to use a spoon  🙂 ….pure Heaven!

Cadbury Creme Egg/Walnut Whip, nothing weird in that I know, it’s the way they have to be eaten…. biting the tops off then sticking your tongue right in to extract the scrummy goo inside before shoving the chocolate shell into your mouth as quickly as is humanly possible, delightfully satisfying!

Licking buttercream off the top of cup cakes, I have to confess to quite often binning the spongey bit……wasteful, yes, but a sometimes necessary evil!

The one thing I have discovered whilst doing this (bewilderingly therapeutic) exercise is that my guilty pleasures know no bounds! I’m actually a little bit freaky?! I could share so much more with you now that I’m on a roll as I’ve not even touched on music! believe me some of the songs I love to listen to would destroy any street cred I have left (and trust me, it ain’t much 🙂  ) and if my kids knew, well, I truly believe I would be disowned as I am already (highly) embarrassing to them! So, for the time being at least I have decided to retain my musical guilty pleasure just for myself……!

So, come on, I’ve shown you mine, are you brave (stupid?!) enough to show me yours 🙂 ?!