The Secret of our success……

Drag your heels on the way into work on a Monday morning? Long to get out of the rat race?  With the sniff of spring just around the corner and the distant allure of summer beckoning…..Are you thinking of long golden beaches and warm sun on your face?

I was sat here the other day reflecting over last year (yep, boredom sometimes has me doing that!) and it got me thinking about our company “jolly” to Grenada last May.

Working hard can have its rewards, with last year’s Brand Rex promotion we won 4 tickets for a week long, all inclusive, holiday to Grenada, staying at the closest thing to paradise, the 4 star luxury Hotel  ‘La Source’,  in the heart of the Caribbean.

Our motley holiday crew consisted of Eddie “Pops” Connors, Wayne “The Boss” Connors, Steve “straw hat” Lawrence and me…Faye “where’s the cocktail” Cannon  🙂  ….. yes, you could say a rose amongst 3 thorns……it just had “relaxing break” written all over it !!!

We arrived bleary eyed at Gatwick early on the Thursday morning, I thought i’d packed everything but the kitchen sink, only to arrive and see that, judging by the size of the boss’s case, he must have actually packed it!  Now who says women can’t travel light?!

Duty Free was a whole different experience for me, travelling with 3 men….. and 3 wallets that remained firmly shut!  Whilst I was eyeing up the gorgeous merchandise in the stores, the boys were walking along, eyes upwards, completely oblivious to the bargains on offer, checking out the cabling in the ceiling…..discussing how it should be improved….bring on the blue skies….please!

I won’t bore you with details of the flight, just to say we all had the onset on DVT by the time we arrived and were happy to be back on terra firma! It was at this point however that I wish i’d paid more attention to Eddie’s bag at Gatwick as he’d forgotton what it looked like!  Watching the carousel parading bags in front of us, not knowing which one was his, having to check all the luggage labels was not the best start to the jolly hols!  Onwards and upwards things were about take an upturn as we then managed to get a chauffeur driven limo to the hotel, which apparently wasn’t for us! We should have joined the rest of the Brand Rex mob on the coach!  Suffice to say that everyone knew who we were after that! We weren’t to know……  🙂

We are a team and the boys looked out for me the whole week, I had to draw up a rota to stop them fighting over who applied sun lotion to my back…..! no fighting taking place over who should make sure I got back to my room safely when I was looking slightly green after consuming one too many cocktails …… they were free 🙂 … what’s a girl supposed to do?

The Motley Crew

The Motley Crew... Pops..Burt..Milky...The Boss

The hotel was fantastic, the people of Grenada are so friendly and can’t do enough for you!  I think it would be fair to say that I consumed my body weight in food and drink…daily, and flopped on the sun lounger for the best part of each day, disturbed only by the treatments on offer.  Full body massage one day, hand and foot massage the next, I was pampered within an inch of my life! Now that is something I could definitely get used to!

Brand Rex laid on excursions every day, we went on a Catamaran cruise where we stopped off at a private beach for a BBQ lunch.  An island tour which took in all the sights of this beautiful island, it is famous for it’s spices (nutmeg, mace, cinnamon) so we visited a spice plantation and a nutmeg factory…. then it was  back to the hotel for more chillaxing, food and of course drink, in fact the only ‘stress’ was trying to decide what to eat….. so much choice and very delicious, nom nom!

Who threw that coconut?

The week went far too quickly and before we knew it we were being bussed back to the airport…sadly no limo for the return journey – gutted! had to join the riff raff 🙂 .  Edde’s bag was labelled within an inch of it’s life and sunburnt smiles ready to embrace the comforts of the return flight…..just the joy of holiday snaps to look forward to!

It is with sad acknowledgement that I recognise there will be no Brand Rex jolly on the cards for 2012 but going to go all guns blazing to give it our best shot for 2013!


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