Free 120 Min Health Check

When I was made redundant (thankfully) from my last job which was within a Call Centre environment, I was just a tad pleased that I would no longer be crawling under desks to try and resolve IT issues for members of my Team. The daily cries that computers had ‘frozen’ or would not turn on at all had become a bit too predictable. The predictability would be not only attributed to the cries but also to the causes and I was quite adept at bringing the system back to life. My healing hands were aided by being able to spot “Charlene” who would inevitably have plugged in her heater, for the winter, or her fan, for the summer, only needing to unplug another plug to do so….happily oblivious that it belonged to a colleagues monitor or base unit!! Another of the more amazing faults to be found would be as a result of the number of items being stored under a desk and in fact rammed into floor sockets….discarded sweets, chewing gum, hair accessories, the odd shoe, Cardigans, pens, elastic bands by the dozen and paperclips are to name but a few….deep joy!  Now it is my firm belief that every office is more or less the same in this respect. However….there are other reasons why our Data Cabling may be lacking in some way and causing all sorts of problems to a lean, mean fighting machine business and how quickly its system is running.

It may well be that over the years the infrastructure of a business has been built piecemeal as technology has developed alongside the needs of the company. Equally when a business is first born the Data Cabling that is installed may not be sufficient for the growth of the Company some years down the line. Cables and wires do suffer from wear and tear, they can become crushed, bent or even stretched which will weaken the strength of the signal. Perhaps the initial installation was not a fantastic job? Perhaps humankind has played a part in its demise….we do have a habit of moving things around!!

Now do these pictures remind you of anything that you are working with?

When we are feeling run down or unwell…not up to speed….we see a Doctor, but when do you give your network a Health Check?


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