Clash of the 2 Tonnes – Week 6……

Come on, give me a break! Another week can’t have passed already??! Seriously, where does the time go? Trust me, it’s not because I’m having fun!! Right, well, again, this week I’ve not stopped shovelling food into my gob 🙂 but in my defence, it has been very cold hasn’t it? and when we are in the grip of a cold snap, the body needs fuel, which has to be in the form of saturated fat, right? No, I’m serious 🙂 that’s how eskimo’s live isn’t it? whale blubber? You never see them tucking into a salad, do you? Mind you, nor can you see how big they are under those layers upon layers of animal fur…!  I have been working out this week, well,  I’m sure the amount I’ve been shivering warrants a work out of sorts?! Also, this morning, I have been bending and lifting valentines cards out of the way of the front door so that I could get to work! took me an hour just to get out of the house……OK, so I’m lying 🙂 a girl can dream!! Actually the only thing that had a work out this week was my purse, I’m slightly addicted to buying keep fit equipment 🙂 only, at present it’s gathering dust on the living room floor, I’m finding it rather offputting to be honest, it keeps catching my eye as I’m sat on the settee watching the TV with my glass of wine and bag of onion rings…! I haven’t lost anything this week (no sh*t Sherlock!) but then I haven’t gained either, and that’s a miracle considering what has passed my lips over the last seven days! Any motivational tips would be gratefully received as I’m really struggling, I feel the only thing that would get me motivated at the moment would be the prospect of a date with Bradley Cooper – like that’s gonna happen…!

Wayne has had another good week (show-off!) down another 4 3/4lb, that’s nearly 2 1/2 stone lost in 6 weeks, not bad, boss 🙂 he’s the only member of #ACCLteamdiet who has actually dieted this week…..! He’s singlehandedly doing it for the team 🙂 I do actually feel that he’s had an unfair advantage this week, he finally moved into his new house full-time on Friday and with temperatures dropping overnight to around -13, his boiler decided to give up the ghost with a loud bang! One of those things apparently, so on Saturday, with no plumber in sight and his partner at work, Wayne positioned himself in front of the log fire to keep warm, unbeknown to him though, the previous owners had shut off the vent in the chimney so Wayne was effectively ‘kippering’ himself, sat in a smoke ‘sauna’ and as we all know, a sauna can take pounds off you 🙂 CHEAT! Wayne finally realised all was not well when he could no longer see his hands in front of him 🙂 his girlfriend returned home to find him looking like he’d spent the day up the chimney, full of soot and smelling like a bonfire… Wayne has a corporate ‘do’ to attend this week, at the ‘Worshipful Company of Fishmongers’ sounds like a load of pollocks to me….!! So he will have to fall of the wagon temporarily, can’t sit there with his vanilla shake whilst everyone else is feasting on delicious fish….just avoid the chips boss 🙂 !!

Dee’s on holiday this week, so if she has any sense at all she’ll be stuffing her face – large! All thought of diets should be completely banished from her brain and I hope she’s thoroughly enjoying all the food and drink that only non-dieters can fully appreciate because next week she’ll be back on the ryvitas and cottage cheese, nom nom!

Sally has had a BAD week, definitely back in the ‘fat’ wardrobe…just temporarily 🙂 She feels much the same as me really, it’s been way too cold to diet…comfort food has been the order of the week, along with comfort wine 🙂   let’s not forget she had a massive weekend last week and as we get older (sorry Sal!!)  these ‘over indulgencies’ take time to recover from, so don’t be too hard on yourself girl!  She’s painting the house over the next few weeks, starting this weekend in the kitchen, lots of exercise involved there, at least the bingo wings will get a decent work out with the roller 🙂 !!


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