Office Move – Getting IT sorted…..

Lets face it an office relocation can be a logistical nightmare, it sounds obvious but careful and thoughtful planning is key….! Not a job to be undertaken lightly or by the feint-hearted! Most people tasked with managing the office move have not done it before, perhaps because if you have done it once, you are in no hurry to do it again!

The aim is to achieve the right office in the right location, everything up and running on that first day, coming in on budget, on time and with very little disruption to your business – a fairly tall order one would say?!

Three pitfalls you need to be aware of are 1) underestimating what’s involved – a lot!  2) not starting the process early enough, and 3) not getting the right people involved at the key stages of the move.

Working with a specialist IT and Telecoms company, such as ACCL, will ensure that your communications infrastructure is properly managed, assembled and fully functional with no interruption to your daily business operations from day one. Getting this part right can be the most challenging part of any office relocation. It merits specialist attention as communications is the key part of your business, all systems need to be up and ready to go that very first morning in your new office…

Their role should involve a full audit of your equipment to be taken prior to the move, an assessment of your IT and Telecoms requirements, correctly advising on the phone system suitable for your office/company, planning and executing a safe and secure IT relocation and then setting up and testing all equipment so that it’s all ready to use.

They will need to be involved at the planning stages to help review your existing technology to see if any improvements can be made to improve your business efficiency. They should advise on a suitable IT network infrastructure that best meets your needs in the new office, determining the best locations for all of your IT and Telecoms equipment, such as servers, computers, telephones and printers.

Important considerations when planning for an IT relocation would be to ensure business continuity with no disruption to service, to include an upgrade of current equipment where necessary and network cabling.

IT and Telecoms is the lifeblood of any business, if the phones aren’t ringing and the computers aren’t working, then you’re not doing the business!

It can, therefore never be underestimated just how important this aspect of an office move is, without it, you can have major operational and financial consequences to your business.

Moving office provides the perfect opportunity to review your current IT installer so, if you’re planning a move, get in touch, we’d be happy to help!


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