Clash of the 2 Tonnes – Week 4 …….

We’re a month in to #ACCLteamdiet, so it should be becoming a way of life, right? wrong! Well, for me anyway 🙂  This week has been a complete diet right-off 😦 Struggled this week after gaining a pound last week, putting on weight is not really my understanding of how a diet should work! Especially when I felt I’d done OK, I don’t know, maybe I’m just being a tad naive??! Rather than take it on the chin, accept that these things happen, re-motivate myself and embrace the diet culture once again, I have instead gone a bit mad this week  🙂  just couldn’t be arsed…! what’s the point?! Have only been out walking twice this week (well, it has been a bit taters of late) and Thursday night saw me sat in watching Mad Dogs with some chilli pistachios and a large glass of wine – nom nom! We won’t get into the guilt I felt on finishing them though….!  I had a night out with the girls on Friday, which was supposed to be a meal (yes, 3 courses and yes, I had all 3…) and some belly dancing, so I did think I could burn a few calories and redeem myself somewhat by shaking my hips….! Sadly the belly dancing didn’t happen, won’t bore you with the details why, but instead we ended up in a NightClub that hasn’t seen me ‘shake my thang’ for at least 22 years! Judging by the way I felt the next morning (and I’m not talking about hangovers…!) my body did have a workout, I ached all over, proving I still have the moves like Jagger…..! and, guess what? I got on the scales this morning and I have LOST 1 POUND????!!! I should be jubilient at this news, but let me tell you, I’m not….! How the hell did THAT happen?? I have been BAD! Right now I’m feeling like I should just go back on the chips and chocolate and be done with it!  This is why me and diets don’t get along, it makes absolutely no sense to me? Anyway, the long and short of it is that this week I will make no promises to myself, just gonna go with the flow, lets see what next weeks weigh-in brings, although I have gone out and bought myself a skipping rope………

Wayne has had a busy week, he got the keys to his new home on Friday, bless him, he’s been like a kid on Christmas morning 🙂 so excited! He’s been lifting and moving boxes all weekend so has had plenty of exercise, returning to work on Monday for a break! Looking at him this morning you can definitely see that he has lost weight, really starting to show in his face, “not in the belly though” he tells me…!  He is still eating nothing but the 3 gruel meals and 1 soya bar a day…hmmm – top man! (stupid man??!) He’s loving the new house and with plenty of renovation needing to be done, and his girlfriend on his case to get it done 🙂  it will be keeping him fit if nothing else…..!  I have to tell you that he did cheat at the weekend though, it pained him to ‘fess up 🙂 yep, Wayne Connors, diet God has fallen off his pedestal a bit this week – he was so hungry with the moving that he grabbed the only thing available to him, a spear of raw broccoli! Call the diet police – major food crime committed! Blimey, if I’d only cheated with a piece of raw veg I’d be ecstatic! His weigh-in has seen him lose another 7 pounds this week, careful Connors you’re wasting away…..!

Sally hasn’t had a bad week either, managed to walk past the wine rack at the weekend without  grabbing a bird!  although she did succumb to a few squares of Galaxy chocolate, cookies and some Jelly Tots, tut tut! having said that she only had the orange and lemon ones, which contain natural fruit juice, so you could argue that was part of her one a day??! OK Sally, I’ll let you off but only because I’ve been REALLY naughty, once again, I’m taking it for the team…..! In terms of exercise she has still been doing the walking every day (note to self: get a dog, will HAVE to go on daily walks!) with a Masquerade Ball to look forward to this coming weekend, she has managed to get into the ‘thin wardrobe’ trousers, good girl, obviously still moving in the right direction!

Dee is still plodding on with the steady weight loss, 2 pounds lost this week – not too shabby 🙂  Dee has been on the diet ‘journey’ a lot longer than the rest of us and is struggling to remain motivated, let’s face it, it’s boring! and Dee has had the same lunch every day for the past 3 months (yes, 12 weeks…!) because she knows exactly how many calories she’s eating and it requires no thought…..Heinz tomato soup with 2 ryvita’s and cottage cheese, feeling your pain babe 🙂 She’s at the stage where she is looking for any excuse to fall off the diet wagon, today is a perfect example of this as it’s her husband’s birthday, tonights dinner is Lasagne, a couple of glasses of wine, finished with a large helping of chocolate birthday cake served with lashings of cream – you go girl, would be rude not to! Again, she owns dogs (a diet must have!) so is off doing daily walks, lunging her way through the countryside, sheep watching from the safety of their field in amusement!


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