Clash of the 2 Tonnes – Week 3

I started the week seriously feeling the pressure to lose weight, everyone else is focussed and doing so well, I’ve been really impressed with their motivation, however, it highlights to me just what little willpower I have…..but it then got me thinking how boring it would be if we were all the same? All sticking to the plan and losing a few pound every week blah, blah, blah…! Not exactly an exciting read is it? You need someone to mix it up, someone who doesn’t properly play the game and yes, that rebel without a cause is me 🙂 who would have thought it?! (shut it Lawrence!!) This whole diet thing sucks quite frankly! The fact that I lost 1 solitary pound last week didn’t help, felt that I’d given up loads of yummy things and for what?? Without wishing to sound too gross, I could do a poo and lose a pound!

I have to confess the idea did pop into my head that I could lie! Who would know? I write the blog – poetic licence and all that! Then the realisation dawned that I’d only be cheating myself, where’s the fun in that? I somehow need to get back on track, lose some weight and ultimately feel better about myself and the way I look, who knows where that might lead?? The week did start ok, good eating habits, walking every day – check me!  but it all went a bit pear-shaped from Thursday when I met a friend for dinner, what I ate wasn’t too bad (seafood pasta) but I drank half a bottle of wine 😦 well, not seen her in ages, would have been rude not to really. Pay back came in the form of a nasty hangover Friday, what’s that about after 2 glasses of wine? The days of Faye ‘the drinking legend’ when I would still be standing after consuming my body weight in vodka have long gone it would seem. Went out again on Friday to visit a friend, I would like to add at this stage that I don’t normally have a social life, typical, start a diet and all of my mates come out of the woodwork! Conspiracy? I’m beginning to think so…..! Anyway, we don’t see enough of each other so when she brought out the bottle of wine how could I refuse? Didn’t want to hurt her feelings….! Had a sneaky jump on the scales on Saturday morning and seriously wished that I hadn’t, had to have a bacon and egg muffin just to console myself!  Final weigh-in of the week has left me in mourning  for my diet as I am back to my pre-diet weight – gutted! I’m the first to admit I’ve not been brilliant but to put a pound back on is harsh!  Safe to say this week has been a write off for me, I did say I would be rubbish, only now I’m publishing it for all to see….! #EpicFail

Sally’s had a good week on the whole, eating healthily and doing plenty of exercise, I hate her! She is, however getting rather bored of eating fruit! The bananas are just about ok for the time being but if she sees another satsuma she may just lose the plot…..! woman on a diet – not always a pretty sight 🙂 She had friends over this weekend, so, as is the norm, she had bowls of chocolates out, however the complete bowl of Revels got demolished without her getting a sniff, she was a bit miffed, to say the least, one wouldn’t have hurt?! She then spent the entire night looking daggers over at her friend secretly thinking “greedy cow”….. however, unbeknown to her, her friend was thinking the self same thing, turns out the dog had scoffed the lot whilst no-one was looking, and left the two friends eyeing each other suspiciously all evening, as only true friends can, eh Sally??! She also downed a couple of glasses of wine over the weekend, purely to be sociable, a girl after my own heart 🙂 Her horoscope for this week says that now is a good time to start exercise, so  she is back on the lunges whilst walking the dog – go girl…! Sally is wearing a skirt today that was fitting a bit too snugly but now has room, so despite the fact she hasn’t hit the scales it’s safe to say things are moving in the right direction for her at least, really pleased for her, no, really I am….. 🙂

Dee has also gained a pound this week! Not just me that’s rubbish then?! I shouldn’t gloat, but she has made me feel so much better 🙂 She doesn’t live far from me, so maybe it has something to do with the air? yeah, that has to be it because we have both been relatively good?! well, I think we have, although like me she has had a couple of nights out over the past week. The answer is probably to give up the social life but stuff that, you only live once eh?!

Wayne has been nothing short of incredible, seriously never thought he’d have the willpower to stick to such a rigid plan, and let’s face it, eat slop. He has given up on the chilli con carne and shepherds pie though as being a step too far…..vanilla milkshake is winning in the taste stakes. The haliotosis has kicked in this week with a vengeance, seriously, you can strip paint with his breath….! It’s not his fault, bless him! it wasn’t me that broke the news to him, it was nasty Steve 🙂 whilst they were out visiting a client, I just hope that he was as tactful as I would have been….. 🙂  I’m thinking that we should make him a badge to wear, explaining his predicament to the world at large, all suggestions gratefully received, I’m thinking on the lines of “Diet in progress – Beware of Badger Breath” !!! The support from his girlfriend is waning too, she has moved to the spare room, citing that she’d rather put up with his snoring than his dog breath. The home is permanently freezing where she has all the windows open, allowing the fresh air to come in and eradicate the nasty niff, Febreze alone ain’t gonna do it!. Poor Wayne is not feeling the love……..but he is feeling the weight drop off, can’t have it all, can you?? You only had to look at Wayne’s grin this morning to know he’d done well, 8lb this week – that’s a stone and a half in 2 weeks – steady Boss, wouldn’t want you to waste away…!

I do need to shout out this week to the non-dieters in the office, Keith and Steve, who have been nothing short of admirable, ensuring that all the biscuits and chocolates left over from Christmas have been eaten, taking it for the team – thanks guys, we are forever in your debt…..! you could have enjoyed them a little less, just a minor criticism…..!


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