Clash of the 2 Tonnes – Week 1……

See what I did there??! when I talk about clash of the 2 tonnes, I am talking about the amount of weight to be lost and not talking about any person 🙂 Right! so this is it, the moment can be put off no longer. The ACCL Team Diet has begun in earnest this week, I  thought I’d get ahead of the game and cheated by starting last week 🙂 Lot of good that did me! lost 2 pound, yay! then celebrated my success over the weekend by not being very good at all and put a pound back on…….oh well, new week, new start.

So, I hit the scales on Monday, breathing in as I did so, lose at least a pound doing that, didn’t you know??!! 9 stone 3lb (can’t believe I’ve published that!!!) heaviest I’ve ever been in my life and it’s been steadily creeping on over the last year, so I know unless I put a stop to it now I will end up looking something like Vicky Pollard, yeah but, no but! I’m not about to let that happen as I’m at a period of change in my life so need the body beautiful, or as near to it as I can get, being a woman in my 40’s with 2 children…..! I’m aiming to get back down to 8 1/2 stone, that’s 10 pounds to lose, so not a vast amount, with regular exercise and healthier eating that should be achievable right? RIGHT??!

 Willpower is something I don’t possess so I know it’s going to be a battle. Monday evening, classic example, had a tasty, healthy dinner of fish, new potatoes and veg, problem was it didn’t fill me up, so when I went to the cupboard to get something out for the boys I stumbled across an opened bag of peanuts, deadly! rather than closing the cupboard and walking away I thought ” a couple won’t hurt” before I knew it I’d had 2 large handfuls and spent the rest of the night wracked with guilt that couldn’t be alleviated by doing 10 minutes with the Hula Hoop! I’m fed up with all of my clothes being tight so I have to succeed, failure is not an option and I’m hoping that having my mates on the journey with me will spur me on…….we can celebrate our anticipated success with a decent slap up meal at a Greasy Spoon caff in the Summer – good things come to those who wait, don’t they???!

Sally has decided she is not getting on the scales, she wouldn’t be able to take the shock 🙂  instead she has her favourite pair of jeans hanging up that’s she’s not been able to get into for sometime as her inspiration, they’re not going past her knees at the moment….!

Like me she is not on a diet, the mere mention of the word has her heading for the biscuit barrel! It’s all about sensible food choices, portion control and a lot more exercise! Oh yeah, and giving up the alcohol, not sure I’m doing that bit yet, sometimes ‘needs must’, anyway wine is made of grapes, one of your 5 a day, so it’s ok in my book…..! So the daily dog walk has been upped from 3 miles to 4 miles, nice and brisk with a couple of mountainous hills to boot 🙂 Sally has also been chewing gum at a rate of knots to keep her mouth busy, something she never has to do normally, it’s amazing how your jaw is happy to stay still when you’re not thinking about trying to lose weight! Trouble is she was nearly taken to A&E yesterday, unable to move with stabbing pains shooting through her stomach! the doctor’s have referred her for a scan on her colon but I’m convinced it has something to do with the build up of stomach acid due to incessantly chewing gum, fooling your stomach into thinking food is on it’s way, then leaving it bitterly disappointed when nothing arrives is not a good idea, pay back comes in the form of sharp pain!

The boss has the largest amount to lose and has gone for the most drastic approach by joining the Lighter Life programme. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this diet it basically involves giving up ALL normal food for meal replacement sachets which you take 4 times a day, dissolved in water…..! they look and smell revolting and I take my hat off to him, you need a serious amount of motivation to see this one through……not for the feint hearted, gruel should remain in the work houses of Victorian England in my opinion… The doctor gave him the ok so he had his weigh in on Monday evening weighing in at a whopping (he won’t mind me saying that…!) 21 stone 1 pound, not good at all by his own admission. He wants to get down to 16 stone and is aiming to do this within 6 months, an incredible amount of weight loss, just over 6 stone. He did do this diet a few years back and incredibly lost 10 stone, but that was a ridiculous amount of weight and he didn’t even look like Wayne, people actually avoided talking to him because they thought he was ill :)!!! He has had a headache for the past couple of days but has been in (surprisingly) good spirits! we have been warned that sometime in the near future he will develop serious halitosis and has asked that, as a mate, I tell him when this happens. I have assured him I will do this as sensitively as possible – I’m thinking something on the lines of “bog off dog breath”!!

Motivational messages will be much appreciated……….



One thought on “Clash of the 2 Tonnes – Week 1……

  1. Go Faye, go Faye!!!!!

    Before I say anything else, just need to point out you are gawjus as you are!!! 🙂 xx

    Not sure what motivation I can provide…… about looking hot for our girlie night’s out, during which I am sure a bit of boogying round the handbags will work off the alcohol which is sure to be consumed 😉

    I am sure you will give it your all darlin, and I wish you the best of luck. xx

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