Diet Dilemmas………!

It’s the start of a new year and as with every year before it I find myself, along with most of the female population, thinking about losing the pounds! I am at this point the heaviest I’ve ever been and if I continue to shovel in the crisps it won’t be long before I’m looking for clothes in the same shop as Demis Roussos – not a prospect that brings me joy..! Every  year starts with good intentions but there’s always something after Christmas that needs “finishing off”!  The odd sausage roll, a few remnants of smelly cheese, Christmas cake, to name but a few….this year though, it’s all going in the bin!  It CAN and it WILL be done….!

The problem I’ve always had, apart from a seriously absent will power, is that as soon as I tell myself I’m starting a diet, my body starts craving naughty foods, even ones I’ve not had for years!  What’s that about??

I decided this year to do some research as there are so many different diets out there all making fantastic claims.  This is BIG business, even the large supermarkets are jumping on the diet “bandwagon”.  I personaly need one that I will, hopefully, be able to stick to and that means to not constantly feel like I’m depriving myself!  I searched the web vigourously for a “Vodka and Chip” or “Wine and Chocolate” diet but alas, they don’t exist! You have to accept before starting any diet that more or less anything you consider delicious is out!  No chip butties or death by chocolate cake….welcome to the world of the wilted lettuce and tofu, washed down with carrot and beetroot juice, keep focussed and think of the babe that will emerge from the coccoon of fat you have been hiding in!

For me, as I said, I need a diet that still allows me “treats”. So I wrote off, without looking into the detail too much, all the diets that excluded alcohol. Not that I’m an alcoholic you understand, but I do like the odd glass of wine… month’s without alcohol would have me climbing the walls…..and heading for the biscuit barrel!

Weight Watchers and Slimming World were definately worth a look, as were a Low Fat diet plan and the GI Diet, but what puts me off of all of them is the rigidity.  I can’t be bothered to check lists for acceptable foods, or count points, I know that I would lose interest really quickly. It has to fit in with my life, working mum with two hungry teenage boys and I’m not prepared to cook two different meals every night, love them to bits but there is so much more to life!

So, I decided that I just need to stop shovelling rubbish into my gob, cut back on the portion sizes, eat less fat and more veg, lay off the alcohol and get my arse into gear and do some exercise….tall order?  We shall see!

I’m not alone on this journey, which is good, a couple of my ACCL colleagues are coming along for the ride, always helps with motivation. Sally is going the same route as me, just cutting back on food and increasing the exercise. The boss is back on the “Lighter Life” diet, last time he was on it he lost 8 1/2 stone!. Sally and I are starting on 3rd January with Wayne following us the week after. Weekly blogs will follow with our progress. All messages of support will be greatly appreciated but please DON’T send in any chocolate…..!


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