Data Cabling Issues….. Worse things could happen !

Here at ACCL we have experienced some pretty shocking sights when resolving our customers Cabling issues.  We could share with you some of our stories but we think we may have found some more newsworthy ‘incidents’ from this year that could make your woes seem like a walk in the park:

The Danger of Stealing Copper Cable ~ James Sorby was nearly killed when 22,000 volts of electricity passed through him while he was attempting to steal copper cable from an electrical substation. He spoke remorsefully during a legal proceeding, stating, “When you think of getting involved in something like this, you don’t think of the danger.” (no of course you don’t James….what exactly where you thinking….anything at all?) The U.K. news source The Daily Mail ran photos of Sorby’s scarred face and hands… You can see them here if you wish…… Didn’t want to just post these pics….giving you the choice to look or not!!

The Cost of Stealing Copper Cable ~ The second  “cable theft” is from the victims point of view and can be viewed here on YouTube. Also coming courtesy of The Daily Mail, the video shows a row of houses in Castleton, West Yorkshire, UK exploding literally seconds after firefighters had evacuated residents.

Firefighters told The Daily Mail that the theft of copper electrical cable near the homes affected the earthing of the area’s electrical network.  Wowzer….bit of a close shave me thinks!

 Global impact of Japan’s quake and tsunami ~ One of the most direct impacts Japan’s natural disaster had on the cabling industry was the fact that fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) production was halted when its Kashima, Japan facility was without power, water or gas supply. When FEP production continued, it did so in a limited capacity. The cost of FEP has been part of the “triple whammy” – along with costs of copper and petroleum-based products, that has driven up cable costs world wide.


You’re never too old for this internet malarkey!  A blackout lasting several hours hit Georgia and Armenia…Internet was brought crashing down in the two countries …. apparently all caused by one 75 year old woman! Officials say the 75-year-old was scavenging for copper when her digging accidentally damaged a broadband cable underground.  Blimey she must be related to popeye !!


Now clearly these are not your everyday about the office occurrences….but we here at ACCL do believe in the old adage that prevention is better than the cure, so here is your opportunity to take us up on the offer of a Free 120 minute cable health check just click the link and get in touch…..and please be careful out there….it’s a crazy, crazy World !


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