That time of year again……

With the Christmas Party looming I am now sitting here in the unenviable position as the person who has again organised our ‘soiree’.  Anyone else who holds this responsibility for their own Company will know that this can be a daunting prospect! I’ve been responsible for the last 3 and of course, it goes without saying they are the best do’s the company has experienced!  I actually start to think and research it back in April (I know, I know!), experience has taught me that leaving it til September/October can leave your choices a bit limited, and no-one really wants to be sat at a McDonalds Drive Thru eating a Big Mac and Fries, now do they?  Do they?

We generally go for  an ‘overnighter’ in a hotel, usually far outstaying our welcome, starting by a meet in the hotel bar at lunchtime, sinking a couple of bevvies (just to be sociable you understand!) back to the room for a quick change. Now every year Dee and I say we will leave the bar early to allow plenty of time to luxuriate in a bath full of bubbles, take time to apply the make-up that will set off the outfit, bought especially for the occasion, beautifully.  Every year we find we’ve left ourselves half an hour…max! Have you ever tried applying make-up in a rush when you’ve already consumed the best part of your body weight in alcohol?  Once into the glad rags it’s a return journery back down to the bar for pre-dinner drinks, then a nice bit of food, a tad of wine, cracker pulling, dancing, followed by more drinks then once the music dies, a night-cap before retiring, notice a theme?

Always good to see everyone the morning after the night before hunched over their full English, bit grey around the gills!  Hilarious……and to think how good they looked last night in all their finery!

Not for the feint hearted, what about yours?  What do you get up to each year…?


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