20 Things About Faye

1: I’m fiercely competitive, I’ve won every mum’s race at the boys Sports Day’s!! (there’s no place for losers, even though I tell my boys it’s not about winning, it’s the taking part…!)

2: I swim fast, I have webbed toes 🙂

3: I’m named after Faye Dunaway as a result of my parents watching The Thomas Crown Affair…….thank God they didn’t call me Queenie after Steve McQueen!

4: Definitely NOT a vegetarian, love my meat!

5: I can still recite the Brownie Guide Law, and abide by it…..

6: I have a tattoo

7: I have Viking blood, my great grandfather came over from Norway, raping and  pillaging…..!

8: I went grey at 25 😦

9: I’m a proper cry baby, I will cry at practically anything! My parents banned me from watching Lassie films as a child as they would leave my inconsolable for days!

10: I yawn like a wookie 🙂

11: I am a domestic goddess….love to cook….and entertain!

12: I have a city and guilds in Cake Decorating….(ahem…orders taken for weddings etc….!)

13: I am a Sagittarius/Capricorn Cusp in starsign which apparently makes me: a comedian, high-spirited and enthusiastic, often flirtatious, living life to the fullest!

14: I can touch my nose with my tongue…..which either gives me a long tongue or a big nose?

15: My favourite season is Spring…fresh starts and all that

16: I love my car….a zippy “Chilli Red” Mini

17: I am known as “Burt” in the office !  Amongst other less politically correct names !!!

18: My favourite chocolate bar is a Picnic….or failing that, chocolate!

19: When younger I couldn’t watch John Travolta without crying….must have been something to do with the tight white trousers!

20: I have a pet Rabbit….called Rodney !

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